Friday, 4 June 2010

A blog is born

I received the greatest compliment I've ever had last week, when a friend suggested I should start a style diary.
While I can't promise to be hugely inspiring, I'm hoping that this mild ego trip / exercise in self indulgence might at least give me justification for my obsessive clothes shopping! So here I am, with a blog of my very own!

It's all about me...
I'm 26, live in Bristol in the South West of England, and I love vintage clothes. I'm also a spendaholic and don't earn nearly enough money to support my vintage habit.
I love the 1940 - music, fashion, cinema - it's all a wonder to me. I hope to share some of my favourite outfits with you, and to shout about the great purchases of vintage-style pieces from modern shops (one of my greatest pleasures). My wardrobe is quite eclectic and, although my main focus is the 40s (the shape suits me best), I have clothes from and inspired by the 1920s through to the 1950s.
I also do quite a bit of sewing and am working my way through my extensive vintage pattern collection at the moment, starting with a house dress from 'Past Patterns'. I really enjoy crafty projects and I have an antique style cross stitch sampler on the go at the moment too. I'll post pictures as I progress!
Gardening is my final passion of the moment and I have my first vegetable patch dug and planted. I'm just watching out for my first ever veggies now!

Here is my cat Deryn helping me cut my pattern out.

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