Friday, 22 April 2011

Battle of the Chaps

In case you hadn’t already spotted it, tickets for the Chap Olympiad have gone one sale.
I’ve snapped a pair up for the hubby and me and am planning what to wear right now! It has to be light and summery, pretty enough to compete with the very well groomed regular participants and practical for all day drinking whilst sitting on a rug. Might be a tough call!

I’ve been wanting to attend for 2 years now but have always had prior engagements, so I’m very excited about going this year. Take a look here, here and here for pictures of previous years’ festivities.

Fleur does the cucumber toss at Vintage at Goodwood
This year the Olympiad is taking place on the 16th July from 12pm-11pm in Bedford Square in London.


  1. We've got our tickets too! Very exciting!

  2. I want that dress! I never heard of this probably because it isn't in the States!