Monday, 9 May 2011

A Reader Offer

I was contacted by Eilidh from SilkPurseSowsEar a few days ago who asked if I’d like to offer a discount in her shop to my readers.
Well, after taking a peek how could I say no?

The shop has lots of one off and small run brooches, rings, necklaces and hairclips all with a vintage vibe. Many of Eilidh creations are based around old charms, buttons, moulds and jewels and are finished with hand painted patinas. Personally I love the aged gold and brass animals the best, but the brightly coloured rings and picture earrings are lovely too.

I’ve been looking for a rabbit brooch for about 6 months, but one that was realistic rather than cutesy, and I’ve found one here! While I was browsing (for your sakes, obviously) I also spotted these lovely greyhounds. They’re really elegant and so perfect for a 30s outfit. I was also taken in by the pretty leaf brooch too, so ended up with three new brooches.

These arrived beautifully packaged and were just as lovely as they'd looked on to website. I'm really very impressed and had lots of compliments when I wore the greyhounds yesterday.

I asked Eilidh if she'd tell us a bit about her work.

What first inspired you to take vintage materials and turn them into jewellery?
It was a holiday to Skye that I took last summer, and being exposed to several gift shops selling handmade things!  I realised that I wanted to start working for myself, using my hands, and I wanted to make Scottish jewellery that didn’t incorporate Harris Tweed, or Celtic crosses, or Charles Rennie Mackintosh!
I think there’s a charm that you get from vintage things that you don’t get elsewhere, and a nice irony about wearing something from when your Granny was a teenager.  Plus vintage is so hot right now!

Where do you find all the bits and pieces you use in your jewellery?
All over, really!  I live in an area of Edinburgh that’s packed with charity shops, and I get a lot of stock and inspiration from the things that fabulous old people are donating.  My dad’s an antique dealer, and I also pick up the odd gem when I’m at fairs with him. 

How do you see your jewellery being worn? I love the idea of my jewellery being bunged on.  I love the idea of a massive pearl cocktail ring with jeans and an old jumper. I love the idea of a lion brooch worn with a vintage flowery tea dress.  I’m aiming for the sort of jewellery that looks fabulous, but doesn’t need to be kept for ‘special occasions’. 

Are there any celebrities that would like to see wear your designs?
Billy Bob Thornton!  Or maybe Florence Welsch or Bjork.

Eilidh's offered us all a 20% discount at her website (it won't work on her etsy store) by entering the code TEATIME when you checkout. Get over there and have a look!


  1. Lovely selection - thanks for the heads up about Eilidh's work. That rose leaf is unusual, makes a change from the flower itself.

  2. I love Eilidh's work & I'm lucky enough to have a few pieces :)