Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I've been too busy to blog of late - between working, sewing and sleeping I'm not getting the time to post anything!
I've been doing a lot of costume making recently, which has been great fun but has tied up every spare minute of the last few weeks. This is, sadly likely to be the case over much of the winter as I try to build up a good range of costumes for a portfolio - I'd like to start making some money from my sewing next year but I need to do a lot of work between here and there to improve my skills. I have a list of about 30 items to get done before March, so time really is of the essence!

An early Templar Knight costume
I have been doing a little sewing for myself too, but I've not managed to finish anything yet! It's very irritating. I'm determined to complete my chanllenge of finishing 12 garments this year. Although I've actually made a lot more than that, most of my creations have been for someone else, or costume (or both!). I'm planning to finish a Vogue skirt, the 1940s swing dress that I started a year ago, and a pair of 1940s knickers before the end of December. Wish me luck!

Toile of one of my recent projects
Something else I've been making is a corset - I'm in the middle of a 6 week evening class making one, and I'm loving it! Once I've done the class I have plans to make another corset the same, just to fix the process in my mind. Photos of the finished article will follow soon too.
So I hope all's well in Blogger land - I've not been reading nearly as much as usual either, so I'm worried I might have missed something. Let me know if there's any news :)