Saturday, 8 January 2011

Living with less doesn't apply to shoes

In all honesty, I bought these before I made my New Years Resolution to live with less and spend less so it doesn't count against me. Also I was given money for Christmas, so these shoes doubly don't count. Plus they were in a 50% off sale!
Anyway, now that I've justified their purchase, I present my new shoes!

I'm learning to be more honest and therefore I will say that actually I think I only have one pair of shoes that aren't from Clarks. It's pointless me trying to pretend I ever shop anywhere else now. If only they'd sponser me I'd be in heaven.
Their sale (still on) took both pairs of shoes down to around the £25 mark, so they were really affordable.

Cadiz treasure in Claret
The red pair are suede with a mock-snakeskin patent toe, all in a wonderful red. I had a pair of red ballet pumps a few years ago but the soft leather got so torn and tatty that I binned them and regretted it ever since. Red shoes go with a surprising large number of other colours and brighten up an otherwise dull outfit. Plus, as flats I can wear them to work without hobbling to the bus stop and for casual times with jeans. You see, cost per wear will be virtually nothing!

Cubin Hat in Navy Suede
Slightly less practial were these blue suede wedges. Step on them at your peril. I love the details and the shape around the buckle.
I'm always dubious about women who describe high heels as 'surprisingly comfortable', but I'm about to. They're higher than my average day shoes would be, but certainly wearing them briefly round the house was a breeze. I might even wear these to walk to the bus stop in, but only if it won't rain. My poor suede - it does love to get wet and it's never quite the same afterwards!

Oh, and I 'needed' a pair of blue shoes to go with my navy skirts. Honest!
Just tell my husband I've had them for years, ok?


  1. I'm with you, shoes are always exempt! And Clarks make such fantastically comfortable and feet friendly shoes I don't blame you for shopping with them.

    You know you can get a suede protector spray that makes your shoes splash proof right? It certainly works and mine have been well protected with it, even the rain hasn't managed to ruin them.

  2. shoes = happy sigh.

    As you know I am trying to live by that same rule as you this year. As your fellow voice of conscience I say 'sales shoes, ESPECIALLY sales shoes from Clarks are allowed'.
    Just not too many......

  3. I am often asked by The Beard how many pairs of feet I think I have on account of my 2 drawers full of shoes. My reply? If you want to arrive at time to places of importance, it is imperative I have shoes of every colour and suitable 40's style. HA! HAVE THAT!

    I checked out the Clarks sale today - but could not find anything I liked. Boo hiss!

    Loving both pairs, especially the wedges.

  4. I am in love with shoes. I wore my irregular choice union jack ones today, pictures will follow shortly! x

  5. Isn't it great when one finds a brand of shoes that really works? These are both lovely! I wish I had a pair of red shoes, but will instead put my new loafers to good use coming spring =) Health before beauty, so my feet dictates... I have a dream that someday someone will create ortho heels. Red, of course. And I will keep dreaming! =)

  6. Ha! I use that line on Mister too. "What, these? Oh, I've had them a long time."

    Those blue suede shoes are gorgeous. I couldn't pass them either!

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac