Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Pacific

One of my gifts to my Husband this year was The Pacific - the DVD of the HBO mini series. The series itself is excellent, if a little harrowing at times. As a depiction of war it pulls no punches and the brutality and horror of the fighting, as well as the hardships faced in the jungle environments are graphically portrayed. It's really excellently written, shot and acted, though, and I've been enjoying it as much as my husband. What I thought I'd share with you, though, is the amazing clothes shown outside the war scenes.
In episode 3, the soldiers pull out of the Pacific islands and are taken to Australia for some R&R. Here they meet up with the local girls and enjoy a brief stint of normality. The costumes that the girls wear are just stunning, and I've attempted to capture what I can below. Something I liked about these outfits is that although they're all very pretty, they're very simple day dresses and seem very ordinary and wearable today.
The costumes were designed by Penny Rose, who has a large number of credits to her name, including Evita, Pirates of the Caribbean and St Trinian's, all excellent as well. There's an interview with her here about her work on Prince of Persia.
I don't think there's much more to say, other than it's a series well worth catching if you get the chance. If any further episodes feature pretty dresses, I'll be sure to post them as well!

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  1. Mr. Friday received this for Christmas, too, and we're both looking forward to watching it. Love, love the costume photos - *drool*.

    My grandpa served in the Royal Navy and was stationed in the Pacific.