Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sewists of the world - I need your help!

Rewatching True Blood season 2, I was struck (again) by how fabulous Lorena always looks.
This burnt orange number is fantastic
I do dislike the way that most of the vamps dress like 90s metallers - come on people - you have all of eternity to get your style together - be braver! Anyway, Lorena is, to me, how good vampires should look (Eric aside, cos, well, you know).
And that green dress she wears when Bill leaves her in the 30s? Just amazing. So much so that I'm keen to try to replicate it. Can I find a pattern though? And that's why I need your help!
To remind you, the dress is bias cut, has a cowl neck, underbust seam (though I'm not concerned about replicating that specifically) and straps which cross in the back.
I love the brooches on the straps, and the train in the back
The closest pattern I've found is Vogue 8358, though that's v-neck rather than cowl. If anyone can find me a closer pattern, I'd be eternally grateful! 
Vogue 8358

And just cos I can, I give you...Eric Northman.


  1. Could this be made into a cowl neck if the front detail was omitted? But the back's not the same, though I must admit that I prefer the back of this one:

    Good luck in your search, it's a lovely dress ;o)

  2. I can't find an exact pattern, but the cowl neck reminds me of view C of McCalls 6078 (A jersey pattern but would work I think). Maybe a franken-pattern is needed?

  3. This one doesn't have the cowl but it has an awesome back!

  4. I have no idea on the dress - I a novice dress maker - only having made one before in my life.

    But I do love Eric Northman. Fact.

    That is all.

  5. Its teensy, and made for stretch knits...but this dress is sort of amazing and very similar.

  6. Vogue 8242 seems pretty close:

  7. Gotta admit, they're stunning dresses.

    ~ Alexandra Rolfe ~