Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Night on the tiles

As I mentioned yesterday, I went out with some very lovely ladies for one or two drinks in Bristol this weekend.
It just so happened that, only hours before getting the invite, I had been passing through Primark (honestly - it runs between 2 streets) and accidentally started buying things. Many of these things are lovely and very, very vintage, but one of them was totally suitable for a night on the tiles.

This dress has a waist that comes to a point at the bust and cape like sleeves. The fabric really looks like vintage rayon too, and the self covered buttons are a lovely touch. I tried this on in a 10 and couldn't get it done up over my bust so went hunting for a 12...only to find a rail crammed with 50 of this dress, all in 8 and 10...like the skilled shopped I am though, I hunted until I found the only other dress in the shop, in 14. It's a little on the roomy side, but the cut of the dress disguises that well, and I'm chuffed to bits!

I threw on some 30s style hair and makeup stylings, packed my lippie and headed out!

After a couple of drinks, a game of foosball (turns out I suck at all sports, even pretent ones) and much laughter, we headed up Park Street and turned into a slightly dingy side road. One of the girls rang an annonymous looking doorbell and the door to another world opened before us...

Hyde and Co has to be Bristol's best kept secret. It's a prohibition themed bar (though in reality it's much more than this) and the whole place is decked out with quirky vintage items. Sadly it's too dark to get many good photos inside, but believe me, it's special.
It's been open for over a year and no one I know has ever heard of it, I'm stunned, and actually, pleased. It's mainly a cocktail bar, where no one stands (once the seats are full people get turned away) and you're served at the table by the cocktail waiters, decked out in tweed waistcoats and ties. They were very attentive and really knew their stuff, we felt very well looked after!

I'll leave the finer details out, as it's worth experiencing yourself, suffice it to say I spent my evening grinning like a loon! If you are looking for somewhere in Bristol to have a special drink, Hyde and Co is just abotu as special as it gets!


  1. You look stunning! I've also spotted that dress in Primark, but literally only one in a random size, so now it's my mission to keep going back until I find my size ;o)

  2. Amazing dress it sure looks like its vintage! I had a hard time finding right sizes at Primark when I visited Belfast this summer, it was an anarchy of clothing!

  3. Love that dress - I bought it my very self - but ended up having to take it back on account of it not being roomy enough up top *ahem* Such a shame - as it is spot on! Looks a treat on you :)

  4. I too fell in love with that dress at Primark but unlike you, who looks stunning in it, I looked shocking. Can't do that kind of neckline at ALL!

  5. You look completely gorgeous! The hair really suits the dress, too. I'm thinking of buying that book after your little post the other day! x

  6. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Stunning! And this is why I dearly wish Primark would come to Aussie shores.... Boy do I ever miss that shop!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  7. Ooh thank you for sharing, sounds like the bar did your fab outfit justice! :)

  8. You look simply lovely! I love the print on the dress, and your makeup looks great!

  9. Oh my gosh! The Scarlet Peacock exists in Bristol?! Sounds amazing!

    That dress looks fab on you, I love it. Who'da thunk it was Primark?

  10. Crazy, I went to Hyde & Co for the first time this week too! I swear the second cocktail I had was pure alcohol... quite something for a Monday night! I'll definitely be going again :D

  11. Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies!
    I'm amazed at how many people have tried that dress on and said it didn't suit them, 2 girls on my night out said the same! This never happens to me, so I'm revelling in it.
    Sarah-Kate - my second drink was pure alcohol too. I wouldn't have managed a third there. I'll have to give you a poke next time I go out!

  12. Wow, that place sounds amazing! And ever so civilised!

  13. You look amazing, I'm so glad I was linked to this blog! I'm so jealous of this prohibition themeed bar... oh my goodness, it sounds like a dream! xoxo