Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Grace and style

It's been a couple of weeks since I last got round to posting. I've
spent my time either rushing around like mad or dozing on the sofa!
The Grace Kelly exhibit at the V&A was wonderful, I spent a very happy
day with my Mum looking at dresses. I was a bit disappointed that they
didn't have her wedding dress, but what they did have was wonderful.
Something that struck me was how much better the clothes looked in the
pictures of her than on the dummies. I think she'd have looked good in a
sack. The whole museum was well worth a visit and we had a lovely lunch
(with a cheeky glass of wine) in the stunning cafe. The fashion exhibit
was fascinating and I loved seeing the progress of shapes and trends
through the ages. Sometimes you have to wonder what possessed women to
try to fit their bodies into such odd and unflattering shapes (1920s
sack-coat anyone?). If I'm ever in London with time to kill I shall
definitely be going back for another trip!
I wore a new blue 40s day dress on the second day of my visit with
white brogues.

The dress is very comfy and fits me beautifully, but the
seams are very weak and coming back on the train I tore one. To repair
it properly I'll have to resew the seams and will probably end up taking
an inch off all over, meaning I won't be able to fit into it at all! My
choice now is to leave it and hope I can avoid pulling it apart next
time I wear it (possibly with embarrassing consequences) or to mend it
and sell it on. Or just sell it on. It was a bargain at £25 so resale
wouldn't be too much of an issue. I'd just be sad to see it go! Any
opinions about what I should do gratefully received!

I found this swimsuit recently - fab 40s/50s style but sold out in my size! It's by Ballet and is called, appropriately enough, Casablanca. The search for fab swimwear continues!

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  1. This is an old post and you may not even have the dress anymore but you could stitch seambinding to the seams as a fabric reinforcement-then restitch the seams.

    alternatively-have a seamstress make a pattern from it and you'll be able to make it in various fabrics! I did this with two of my fave dresses and sadly they are all too small now LOL