Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sew much to get done

Well, John Lewis had a dissapointingly small selection of fabrics. I managed to find something for each of my projects I have in mind, but the quality and quantity wasn't what it used to be.
I thought sewing was supposed to be coming back into fashion!?
Like all things, I think the answer is 'go to London'. Think I'm going to have to plan a trip to the big city :)

The green crepe back satin is for the butterick dress, hopefully for Goodwood.
The centre fabric is a medium weight cotton, which I'm going to use for the shirtwaist dress above. The pattern is a copy of an original.
The black on the end is for my next attempt at a dirndl skirt. It's a wolly feeling cotton with a very nice drape.

Plenty for me to be getting on with! I'm finishing my blue spotty dress and hemming my black dress tonight and I'll crack on with the rest tomorrow. I usually don't bother with toiles, I'm too impatient to get onto the real sewing! I am going to mock up the top of the butterick dress though - it's very fitted round and under the bust and being larger than the average lady in that department, I think it needs a trial!

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