Sunday, 25 July 2010

Model behaviour

So, it's the end of the weekend and I've had quite a good one.
On Saturday I went to a short photoshoot with two lovely local guys. They got some lovely shots and hopefully I'll be able to get them up in a couple of weeks when they've had time to process them.

I also finally made my dirndl skirt! I'm very pleased with it, although it could be about 1 inch longer, plus I sewed the button onto the wrong side of the waist band, so that it buttons up the other way. Otherwise, it's pretty good and I'm chuffed I managed to finish it so quickly.

I like the strawberry print, but the fabric is a bit thin, and see through! I'm thinking of getting some better quality fabric and sewing another one for best. Now I've made one I'm happy I could improve upon the design again.

I based what I did on this excellent guide from Gertie. If you're into sewing, her blog is well worth checking out.  Plus, I love her philosophical musings about fashion, body shapes and all sorts of other fascinating things!

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