Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Busy busy busy

Last night was cutting out, and it took me forever!

I had to cut 4 of each piece, and since I'm rubbish at cutting straight, I took my time and did each piece twice. Then I had to do my tailor tacks and notches.

I now have all the pieces cut out and am going to stitch about half the bodice before bed tonight. I figure if I get half done tonight, half Wednesday, the skirt on Thursday and sew it all together on Friday, I can hem and finish etc at the weekend and will still have 3 days spare before Goodwood for any last minute bits and bobs. I know I have a repair to do on a pair of gloves I want to wear and I'm sure I'll find more to do once I start packing.
I'm really hoping to get it done before the weekend, as I'm probably going to be heading off to the Brecon Jazz festival with hubby. He grew up in the Welsh wilds not far from Brecon, so it'll double up as a visit to his parents and a chance to get some toe tapping done. Despite being in Brecon about six times a year for the last 5 years, we've never made the festival! I'll be pleased to finally see what all the fuss is about.

We might take a trip into Hay on Wye on the way home too (most shops are open on Sundays and closed Mondays instead) - some of my favourite antiques and vintage shops are in Hay, not to mention the bookshops. For those of you who don't know, Hay is basically a retirement home for second hand books. There are probably 20 or more second hand bookshops there, some of them are massive. Those books which don't get sold in any of the regular shops get chucked into the Castle bookshop - a courtyard in the ruined castle - on shelves, open to the elements. There's an honesty box and a standard charge of 50p a book - it's well worth a rummage! It's a wonderful place, very olde worldy, and between the shops and cafes you can waste a happy day there, just pottering. If you're ever in the vicinity it really is well worth a visit.
I've had a look through some patterns I've inherited from my Nan today. Most aren't to my taste but they're wonderful all the same. The children's dress is one my mum would have worn.
There is also a box of zip, saved over the years. There's a sign of a different generation, and of a poor upbringing. My mum says she remembers my great-grandad picking up bits of string in the street to keep.
Finally, and the best item, is the pattern my Nan used to make my Mum's wedding dress. It's in bad condition, but it's definately one to keep!

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  1. Oh, I've been meaning to drive up to Hay for aaaages, you've just sold me on the idea! Damn that I'm busy for the next two weekends and can't go sooner, why did I suddenly get a social life again?! ;)