Friday, 6 August 2010

Slow progress

I spent most of last night sewing and catching up on series 5 of Doctor Who. I must say, after initial misgivings that I quite like Matt Smith. He's no Daviod Tenant, but then few people are!
Anyway, there's not much progress to report on the dress. I've sewn together most of the bodice and am about half way through constructing the lining. I think I may get as far as finishing the whole bodice tonight, as the gathers are what's taken the most time and they're all done now.

I'm a bit worried that the gathers on the right look tighter than the ones on the left. I'm hoping it's only my imagination and that they'll look ok once it's on.

In other news, my new feet (the type for sewing, though with the state of my heels right now I'd appreciate the other kind) arrived. I have a concealed zip foot, specifically for this dress, a blind hemming foot, probably for this dress too, and a tiny hem foot, which turns under a tiny hem and sews it in one! Not sure when I'm going to use the last one but it seemed like such a sensible idea I oculdn't resist!

My knitting pattern also arrived. Not being a very confident knitter I'm not sure when I'll get round to using it, but it's nice to have around just in case! If I really get stuck I might ask my mum to make it for me!

And finally, here's my cat's new favourite sleeping spot, just because it's in my way! She's too cute to kick out though.

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