Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hair today, longer tomorrow (hopefully)

No sewing last night, as I went to get my hair cut by my good friend and multi-talented superstar, Jamie. My hair has long been a source of frustration to me. It's poker straight and very fine. It's also on the greasy side of normal, so I have to wash it every day to stop it from looking lank. It also refuses to hold a curl without industrial intervention.
After being really kind to my hair (no treatments, colours, curls or anything) for a good 18 months last year in preparation for my wedding, I had a mad moment, decided to get it all chopped off and go for a Louise Brooks bob. It's a look that suits me, and my hair, and I worked the 1920s thing for a bit. Then I realised that all my clothes were more 40s, and that I just can't wear the 20s shape. Something about looking like a frumpy sausage. So, at the start of this year I began growing my hair out and an now aiming for a 40s pageboy style like this.

I figure I only need to get my hair to hold a curl at the ends this way! So yesterday Jamie cut my hair into the right shape - longer at the back and curving up to the face. I need about another 1 ½ - 2 inches on the back and it'll be about there, I think. I gave the curling a go this morning and it's looking pretty good (photos later if I can get some before it all falls apart).

It was very simple, which is what I need! After my shower, I put mouse in my hair and blow-dried it, curling it under with my vented brush while I dried. Then I took my curling irons and just flipped the ends under, angling the irons towards my face at the front sections of my hair. It was very quick and probably only added 5 minutes to my morning routine. I think the time aspect is the biggest issue for my hair - If I could get up early enough to put my hair in heated rollers or something I'd be laughing, but I have enough trouble getting up and to work on time as it is! So, I'm hoping this may be the answer to all my problems, and that by Christmas I'll have a nice 40s barnet!

StrawberryKoi  has an excellent tutorial for a large range of vintage styles, including the pageboy on YouTube for those of you with longer hair and the time to curl it first!

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