Saturday, 16 July 2011

Setting and dieting

Well, that's another week over and done with, and typically, the rain has just set in for the rest of the weekend. I was going to go to the Chap Olympiad today but ended up selling my tickets on to a friend and buying tickets to a weekend event organised by friends. As it happens, I am now in bed with an upset stomach while hubby is getting rained on in a tent somewhere in Wales...So much for my plans!
I spent Tuesday this week working at home and took the opportunity to get some housework done.
Why do my arms look massive in this photo?
I also took the chance to set my hair while I was at home. I've put it up in foam rollers with a spritz of setting lotion and this'll last me about 2 days before it drops significantly. This is actually fine for me, since my hair tends to get greasy and limp if leave it any longer between washes! When I saw my Nan and Grandad the other weekend, I was chatting to my Nan about rollers. She finds it so funny that I'd choose to sleep in rollers, just like she used to but is amazed at how soft the plastic and foam ones are, not like her metal contraptions! My Mum thinks I'm mad, of course. She is of the generation that burned not just their bras, but rollers, stockings and all those other uncomfortable things I now use on a daily basis. Weirdest of all was hearing the conversation between my Husband and my Grandad about women wearing curlers to bed, all very strange! 
If I remember I'll try to get some pictures of my set one evening. It's very easy to do, surprisingly so for someone with limited hair skills like myself, and amazingly not at all difficult to sleep in!
These are my old faithful Freddies of Pinewood jeans, teamed with a new charity shop peasant style blouse. It has smocking over the whole of the waist area, which makes it very fitted under the bust, I'm a big paranoid about the attention this draws to my boobs, but it also shows of my newly slim waist, so I take it as a win! Since I started dieting about 2 months ago I've lost 19lb and by golly do I feel different. I now only have a few pounds, maybe 4, till I reach the goal I set for myself, never dreaming I'd actually get there. Sadly, this does mean that many items of clothing, like 2 pairs of Freddies jeans, no longer fit like they used too. Even these ones are getting a bit loose in the waist. This is especially annoying when it's clothes I've made - my 1940s summer dress is now swimming on me. I don't know whether to try to take it in (tricky with the pleats and tucks on the yoke), reuse the fabric for a skirt or pass it on. It has my first ever bound buttonholes and collar, so I'm loathe to do anything that would lose them! Opinions and bright ideas welcome!

I thought I'd share this book with you while I was at it - I picked it up in a little second had book shop they have at the National Trust property I visited last week, Tyntesfield.
It was published in 1971 and is worth the massive 50p price tag for the pictures alone!
It's also full of very handy hints about different sewing techniques, like collars and buttonholes!
Of course, I didn't really need it - I have dozens of books both antique and modern about dressmaking - I just couldn't leave it there. Does anyone else have trouble resisting vintage sewing books?


  1. Ooh! I have just got 2 vintage books one on sewing and one on knitting, pics will be on my blog (hopefully Tuesday) Lo0ve this outfit on you, I dont sleep in rollers, I do finger waves with kirby grips every night... X

  2. Wow! you look fab, we can really see the difference in weigh loss and I think you look stunning in the blouse. Bummer about clothes not fitting though... don't part with anything you have made that you truely love, you will regret it (I know!). Keep it to refer to for technique and sentimental reasons.
    Loving the book too

  3. Ha, I am sat here in my foam rollers as I type! Not sure why I'm bothering mind, as this torrential downpour in Newcastle will ruin my set the instant I step outside. My husband laughs at me every night when I come to bed in bright pink sponge "tampons" as he so charmingly puts it. However I can't get a good enough result with pin curls and rag curls end up too messy for me so foam rollers it has to be!

    Hope you feel better soon x

  4. You look fab! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well.

    There's a great tutorial at Cotton and Curls on taking in trousers invisibly, Lizzie's got a couple such techniques that she's posted that might help you keep your Freddie's and make them fit again!

    Hope you feel better x

  5. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I love your outfit Lauren, just the thing for pottering around the house cleaning or in the garden. It's really cute & you look great in it! :D

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  6. Your arms look tres toned compared to mine (and I think I have that blouse too so can compare directly!). I rag roll my hair, as I am uber sensitive to bumpy rollers keeping me awake. My sister bought me a fancy new styling wand so I may experiment with that...but can I be bothered to get up early and do that of a morning rather than untying my rags and giving it a brush!

  7. You look fab! I've got my hair in pins right now, I find pins work best, and the stunning springs of hair that result just make me giggle madly the next day.