Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tried and tested

You know those patterns that some bloggers can't help but use time and time again (I'm looking at you, Karen)? Well I finally have one of those myself!
The EvaDress 650 1934 blouse is, on the face of it, not very exciting. I think I struck gold, though, when I decided to try and turn the collar into a pussy bow, as I love my blue blouse and wear it to death. The pattern is simple enough to run up in a couple of hours, and also basic enough to withstand amateurish fiddling from the likes of me!
I had some cotton/silk mix left over from the Sew Weekly meet up that I was planning to use for a skirt, but decided it was just too light and have been wondering what to do with since. I figured that actually it'd make a good floaty blouse and thought what better than to use my EvaDress pattern to make a third version of my blue pussy bow blouse! This week I had a few hours spare, so set about sewing and this was the result!
As with the previous version, I simply lengthened the collar piece, sewing up the ends before attaching it to the neckline.
I also trimmed the neckline into a more gentle V, rather than keeping it as a slash as I had before. This gives less spare fabric under the bow when it's tied low on the chest.
There were two long shoulder darts in the front of the pattern, but I turned these into 4 pleats near the shoulder and I think it worked well!
Finally, I used my overlocker to finish the seams as I went for the first time, and I'm really chuffed with the results! I even changed the colour threads the overlocker was using. I feel very talented now!
I feel like I am sewing at a far more intermediate level now. Although the pattern is in no way challenging, I used a finer needle on my machine to avoid pulling the delicate fabric - something I've not bothered with before, I used a narrow hem foot for the sleeve hems and of course I was switching back and forwards between the overlocker and sewing machine. Add to this the 'as I went along' pattern alterations and I really felt on top of sewing this blouse like I don't think I have before. I'm really pleased with this, with the overlocking it really feels like my first professional piece.
Next on my list is a third skirt made from Simplicity 3688...maybe I can have a tried and tested week where I just wear the two patterns together all week?


  1. LOVELY! I will have to check this pattern out...sounds like a dream to work with!! The blouse is so beautiful!

  2. Lauren it's absolutely beautiful, I think you've tempted me into buying that pattern. I prefer your pussy bow version than the original open collar, so I may have to shamelessly copy you there! Funny you should mention Karen, have you seen the fabric she used for a recent make? Here's the link!! x

  3. That is a gorgeous blouse! Well done! The bow adds such a pretty feminine detail.

    My tried and true pattern of the moment is Sorbetto - love it! :)

  4. lovely! I think I saw you in a pale blue one like this? I'm in Bristol this week chick so I will email you later on x

  5. Hey, so I'm just fnishing up a dress with a similar slit in front. Are you able to get the bottom of that slit to look good? I always struggle with those. I always see some threads and do a lot of ripping before it's just "good enough."

  6. Fabulous! The arc of necline gave a lovely touch, more feminine and romantic. Love it!

  7. I'm totally in love with it too, what a fab blouse. I will definitely have to check out the pattern, your versions all looks so lovely!

  8. That is totally gorgeous and I love the fabric. I bet it looks great on.

  9. ~ * ♥ * ~

    What a great pattern and I love the tweaks you've made! It looks superb. Now I am on the hunt for the same pattern. : )

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  10. Hey! I am wearing my top that I made in that fabric as I type this! It's lovely stuff, isn't it? You've done it proud.