Monday, 25 October 2010

Party like it's 1949

I've recently bought tickets to two fabulous events, both retro themed and both in Bristol in the next couple of months. I'm one happy lady!

The first event I'll be attending is the Halloween night at The Lanes. The plan for Halloween was originally going to London for the incredible Don't Dali with the Devil, but once cost of hotels in central London, plus trains, tickets and drinks had been factored in, we were spending about £200 for one night.

(c) Natty Dread
So, the search began for something as fun in Bristol. While A Sailor's Grave doesn't have the decadent surrealism that originally attracted me to Don't Dali with the Devil, it does have some interesting music, in the shape of alternative, rock and swing based groups, plus burlesque performers, zombies and fire performers. Entry is a snip at £5 and there are prizes of the best costume. As such it fulfils my desire to dress up and be entertained while costing us less than a quarter of London. With the sheer variety of excellent entertainment on offer, plus the fabulous location, it promises to be a brilliant night out.
My favourite idea for a costume at the moment is a zombie hunter. I'm thinking of something along the lines of a cheesecake 50s style army lady (dress and petticoat, heels, tilt hat) with a chainsaw. The best part of this idea is that I already own all the requisite parts of the outfit except for the chainsaw... Cheap and easy!

Event number 2 is a pre-Christmas 1940s dance at The Tunnels. The excellent University of Bristol Big Band will be playing and I have no doubt that it'll be spectacular fun. The last event they ran sold out well before the dance, so I bought my tickets today to avoid missing out! Photos from the last event can be found here. Now all I have to do is think about my outfit!


  1. Oh so jealous! I can't find anything like the Blitz Party in London or the Blackout Party in Brizzle here in Wales :( Have a drink for me at the Blackout, hope you have a fab time. And take lots and lots of photos. Lots!

  2. He, he, he, so lucky to live there ..... You enjoy a lot and then .... photos, pictures, photos.

  3. Bristol's not that well set for vintage events, so I'm pleased to have found 2 so quickly.
    And yes, I'll do my best to get lot of photos!

  4. Sounds really cool. I was thinking of dressing in a similar kind of way for Halloween - inspired by the Marilyn Mansun Obscene video - less chainsaw more make up. Please post photos xx

  5. Have a blast!! Can't wait to see the pics!