Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Too tired for Tuesday

I was going to be witty and charming, and frightfully relevant, but I'm cream crackered tonight, so you can just look at the me from this morning.
In other news, I'm reading Nightingale Wood by Stella Gibbons on the bus every day and it's a delight. For a talented woman she's been given very limited credit!

So far, I've learnt that wearing gloves with no hat is far more elegant that wearing a hat with no gloves...will try to remember that tomorrow.

Skirt - Coast
Black top + Cardigan - Marks and Spencer
Shoes - Clarks
Scarf - Charity shop 


  1. Hello! I could think of no other way to contact you (i am sure there must be a contact thingy on Blogger somewhere?) so I am sorry for hijacking your post (love the skirt)
    I see that you have added a "currently reading " bit at the top of your page - and I was wondering if you would like to write a review of it? I am assuming that it has a vintage setting? If it does - PERFECT!
    I run a book group on the Vintage Network and am looking for more people not only to join, but to review for all.
    If you are not a member - you would need to join ( http://vintagenetwork.ning.com/ its free) and you can find it through the "groups" tab under "Retro Reading".
    If not - not to worry :)
    Sorry for hijacking!! :)

  2. thats just http://vintagenetwork.ning.com/

    not http://vintagenetwork.ning.com/ its free


  3. Hi, no problem. I'm sure there is an email function somewhere but I don't know where it is either!
    Have sent off application thing to join and once I have I'll try to write something suitable. Thanks for asking! It's an excellent book and I'd love to talk all about it!