Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Shop till you drop

I have a confession. I've been spending far too much money.
I know it's not a shocking confession to make, but I feel as though I should share my crime and ask forgiveness. To help you bring yourselves to forgiving my crimes, I will share my new treasures with you.

1940s pattern. I'm not sure about the lime green, but I do like the plaid and I thought this would make a great winter dress, something I've wanted for a while and will save me money by stopping me buying one. Not buying it? Nah, I wouldn't either. Still,it's pretty awesome. Plus, the lovely seller sent cute buttons free.

I'm likely to be going to a rock night at a local club next month and my mostly-vintage wardrobe doesn't really cut the alt-rock image so well. I reckon that rockabilly bridges that gap between vintage and rock, so I started thinking about what I coukd wear that was rockabilly! I decided that a check shirt, tied at the waist with my 40 jeans from freddies would work, if I put my hair in Betty Page bangs and punk up my makeup.

So...I stopped by Primark this week, looking for a check shirt. I found this one, which I actually really like and have been wearing round the house since! Bonus!

I also bought this little cotton jumper while I was there...

Then I decided to get these shoes from Clarks. I have the black leather ones, and these chocolatey suede ones were too good to pass up! These shoes are so comfy, and nicely basic to go with most outfits. When I finish my skirt I'm making I'll be wearing them together.

I also picked up these shoes. They're to wear with the ATS uniform I'm putting together for a reenactment group. I'm going to be ATS!

I also saw these boots at office, but I'vwe managed to restrain myself from buying them so far. Aren't they beautiful?!

And I'll leave you with my last purchase, a pumpkin for carving tomorrow. This is not a picture of my owl though, sadly, it's a treat given to the animals at Bristol Zoo. I wish I could buy an owl!


  1. ooohhh.. I haven't bought shoes in so long. Must resist temptation to shoe-shop :)

  2. I've been having the same problem recently. Shoes, gloves, shoes, books, shoes...

  3. Oh, those boots are divine! Those are my favourite style boots and your will power is very much admired!

    In fact, I'm loving all your purchases. That pattern will look great and I think you're right, perfect for winter. I'm wondering if your excuse will work for my recent binge pattern buying ;)

  4. That cotton jumper is lovely. I like the little cuffs on the sleeves.

  5. This is such a good (bad?) time for shopping for new shoes (and gloves Evie, why didn't I think of that?), and jumpers. I feel a change in weather always justifies new clothes.
    And patterns can always be explained as investments for your wardrobe. Even if once bought you don't do anything with them and they cost more than a shop bought item. Thems the rules...

  6. Can't wait to see the finished product. You have more will power than me, I'd have bought the boots! lol

  7. I love that cardi, who would have thought something so cute could come from Primark?? I also really love the shoes. I am in need of some more after my heel got caught between the lift and the floor at work today and in my effort to tug it loose before the doors killed me, the strap broke :-( will check out the black ones.

    For a second I thought you had bought the owl too, I was going to say 'my you ARE getting into the halloween spirit!!' x

  8. Adore the Pri-cardy (see what I did there? Oh I am SUCH a LOSER!) What a lovely colour and design (*makes mental note to causally drop by her local and see what she can find*) Also love the brown brogues :)