Monday, 29 November 2010

Ah, on the sofa at last.
I've had my Mum staying this weekend and today has been exhausting. We (along with 68,000,000 other people) went shopping. I love shopping but today has put me off leaving the house for several months to come. Still, I had a very enjoyable trip to John Lewis' Haberdasher, where I finally bought some wool for the jumper my Mum's knitting me, and some sewing supplies, including my first pair of pinking shears! While we were browsing, I saw this book
There are 8 'vintage inspired' patterns in it and I really like most of them. I'm going to see if my Mum wants any other clothes sews so we can do another swap after this one!
We also took a trip to Ikea and had a thorough mooch around. I picked up a wicker basket to put the projects I'm working on in, hopefully this will stop the cat from sleeping on them.

Yesterday was a fun day, we had several cups of tea while we caught up, and then spent a happy few hours making wreaths. I'm going to try to write up my guide tomorrow, when I'll also post lost of pictures, but here's a sneak peek for now!
In the evening we went to an advent service at a church in central Bristol. This church is the Lord Mayor's personal church and as a council employee I get an invitation to come there at special times of the year, advent being one. Church isn't really my thing, but I do like singing and old places and my Mum is an occasional church goer so it seemed like a reasonable night out. Although it was freezing, the service was amazing. It started in almost complete darkness, and then over the hour we were there they lit more and more candles until everything was bathed in a flickering light. The choir started behind us and performed very ancient pieces, using a style which was a sort of chant with singing interwoven (check out my extensive musical knowledge) and some of it was in Latin. It sent chills down my spine to listen to it in that environment.
After the service we went to Browns for dinner. Browns in Bristol is vaguely deco inside and a great night out. I had mulled wine and a nut roast to thaw myself out, and a stewed pear dessert. All was delicious and a thoroughly good evening was had by all!

So, sleepy time now, wreath post tomorrow.
I also have posts formulating about my check skirt (with the CC41 labels), making your own crackers and all my Christmas present projects, which I feel may have been over enthusiastic and may not be finished in time. Ho hum. So watch this space!


  1. What a brilliant day! The church service sounds wonderfully atmospheric, but I know what you mean about the cold - it can be worse than standing outside somehow :)

  2. The book looks fab! Wish I had something to swap sewing for knitting with!

    Look forward to the skirt post! x