Saturday, 27 November 2010

Skirts galore

 My apologies at my recent absence, I've mainly been recovering from a cold (actually it was 2 different colds but there were only 4 days between them). Sadly even a simple cold has the power to knock me flat, so what with trying (and failing) to stay in work, I've spent the last few weeks on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.
However, I have managed to find the time to make that second skirt from my Simplicity 3688 pattern I mentioned a little while ago and I wore my new CC41 skirt. It's a perfect fit, and a very cozy wool. Here are some pictures, though I have a planned post for later in the weekend giving more information about this skirt - watch this space!

The sewing of my skirt went as smoothly as the brown skirt I made, although I put in an invisible zip rather than a lapped zip, again. I will try a lapped zip soon, promise! I'd recommend this pattern to anyone who's looking for a simple and attractive skirt. I'm going to tackle the trousers soon and I'm hoping they'll be just as simple.
Like the lables? I've sewn one into all of my handmade pieces and hanging together they make quite a good show. My non-sewing friends who were over while I was putting them in were so impressed I felt like the cleverest person in the room. Go me!
The button and the zip are recycled from my Nan's stash. Proper vintage!
Pardon the cat hair. It tends to get everywhere, especially when the little one tries to 'help' my work...

I top stitched in white to try to give the skirt a bit of a feature, but there are 2 minor issues. First, the stitching is too thin. I should have doubled up on thread but I didn't think about that till I'd finished. Secondly, the weight of the fabric has meant where the top stitching is has formed stiff seams down the skirt. It has given the skirt a bit of an odd way of hanging in places, but as I said, it's a minor problem.
The thick wool has made the skirt really heavy and I'm sure it'll perfect for the snow we've had today! I don't think I remember ever seeing snow before Christmas, it's quite exciting! It's a bit worrying too, since we rarely get snow in the UK, the heavy falls of last winter took us a bit by surprise and there was chaos as everyone took a free holiday was unable to get to work. Hopefully the lesson's been learnt and things will go a bit more smoothly this year.
Still, it's been blimmin cold here and sitting in bed has been a somewhat chilly affair. It's made me think about bed jackets! I was going to join in on the 'winter boots' posting, but all the best options have been well written about already (see Retro Chick, Tea with the Vintage Baroness and Snoodlebug) so I'll spare you a repeat of that. Bed jackets, though, are a reasonably original topic.
For those of us who spend a lot of time in bed, reading or blogging, our delicate shoulders and decolletage can get somewhat chilly. Even if you've borrowed your Granddad's jammies, nothing can beat the duvet covered warmth of your bottom half. Unless, that is, you have a quilted bed jacket!
Bed jackets always make me think of either glamorous 30s film stars, taking breakfast in a decadently oversize bed, or old ladies. I'm hoping to lean more to the former in mine, so I'll be going for a delicate fabric and quilting it gently. I had a look at what was on Etsy and came up with 3 very pretty and not at all Granny-ish options.
Click the picture to go to the shop.

I love the frivolous lace collar on this - I suppose a bad jacket doesn't have to be totally practical!

This could pass for a regular jacket, it's very sweet.

The embroidery on this one is so pretty. More frivoloty!

Dozens of vintage bad jacket knitting patterns for only $3 at Karen's Variety.
I love how cozy this one looks. I wish I could knit!
The hood is just perfect on this pattern from the book Vintage Gifts to Knit.

And no fewer than 3 patterns at Eva Dress.

So many choices! Does anyone have a glam way of keeping warm in bed?


  1. Very pretty skirt designs, the first check one does look lovely and snuggly. Your handmade labels are very pretty too! Great idea! x

  2. I love your skirts - they look great. Brilliant check matching, by the way! Oh, and those tights are lovely and quite unusual. I want a pair!

  3. Fab skirts :) I really need to pull my finger out and get on with making something!

  4. Yuor checked skirt looks really lovely. I'm on a bedjacket kick at the moment - they're so nice for loafing around the house in.

  5. Great job on the skirt! Love the length, perfect! In my experience, top-stitching and invisible zippers are maybe not the best to use with wool. The zippers tend to split, and you've already caught the problem with top-stitching. But then the skirt I have in mind is made out of really heavy wool... Anyway, it looks great!

    Lol! The English and snow... =) Living in northern Sweden, we've had snow for over a month. It's now about 30 cm thick on the ground... I'm just happy it's only -11 Celsius!
    I know it's different in UK, and in southern Sweden as well, houses are not built for cold and there's little preparation for clearing roads etc. Still, it's always a bit amusing to hear 2" of snow described as "snowchaos", even when realising that in some areas it might be true =)