Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Ah, rainy days. Does anyone else shop when there's nothing else to do? I've been trawling etsy for lovely things and came across lots! I thought I'd share some of my favourites.

Perfect for the Christmas party of your dreams. Mulled wine, sparkling lights and Clark Gable. And it's available from the lovely FabGabs!

 What a coat. Warm, practical and stylish. Can't you see it strutting along the highstreet with bags of presents tucked under one arm? Available here

I struggled with myself over whether to buy this dress or not. The waist is about 1" too small. From past experience I know that I will not be able to lose the weight in the next 4 years and that the dress will just hang there till I decide to sell it on. Sigh. It's still available here

I'm noticing a colour theme arise here... So sad this skirt is a bit too small for me. Get it here

Walking in the woods on the last crisp sunny day of Autumn. Or maybe in town at Christmas time. These beauties are perfect! Too small for me, and here

I bet you're impressed I've held out and not spent any money...ooops. I thought this skirt would be a perfect wardrobe staple, and it's got the CC41 lables and original hang tags! Ahhh, suddenly the weather seems unimportant! I bought it from this lady in Bath, who also has some very nice wool fabric going cheap!

*Just so you know, I don't have any association with any of the shops I've listed.*


  1. Oh. Those. SHOES!!!!!! (*sob sob sob*)

  2. Super finds, I love the green dress x

  3. Hi there, I have nominated your blog for an award, have a look at my latest post for details.xx

  4. Loved the coat! Had to tell myself firmly that I should *not* buy a coat while I'm in the middle of sewing one... Thank goodness it has been sold now! =)
    The skirt is beautiful! When finding something so pretty as that (and with original CC41 tags, I'm sooo envious!) it doesn't count as shopping, does it? It's more of a necessity =)

  5. Thanks Lady Cherry :) Very kind of you!

    Erika - I agree. I'm more saving the skirt from a life in a shop than buying it...
    It felt odd snipping the hang tags off somthing sold 65 years ago!
    And be strong with your coat - I'm sure it'll be beautiful beyon anything in the shops once it's done.

  6. I LOVE that green dress AND it's my size, and the coat is lovely too *sigh* I'm so sick of being skint!