Saturday, 6 November 2010

Saturday I love you

I love the start of the weekend. The whole 48 hour rest time is stretching ahead of you, filled with endless possibilities for fun and discovery.
Then I sleep for 12 hours, wake up with a headache at 11am and start to cross things off my list of fun things to do. Ho hum.
This weekend I shall mainly be cleaning (we're having friends to stay soon and I have to carry on a proud family tradition of deep cleaning every part of the house before they arrive. Guests look behind the shelves in the cupboards right?) and sewing.
I've nearly finished the skirt from my Simplicity 3688. Sadly, I didn't get many pictures because most of my sewing has been done in the evenings and the light hasn't been good enough, but there will be plenty of pictures of the finished thing. I only have to hem and attach the button and I'm done. Woo! This skirt has only taken me about 2 months... it's really simple too. I could easily have made it in a day. When will I learn to focus on a project? Anyhoo. Here are some sneak peaks at what I've been doing. Apologies for the blur...

Pressing the waistband down

Turning the corners in at the zip. I later added lace to cover the raw edge on the inside of the waistband.

Top stitching. This and the 'stitch in the ditch' were very nerve wracking!

I ran out of thread half way through sewing this skirt and had to go to the fabric shop for more. What a shame! I thought I'd take the chance to get some more fabrics for my next few projects.

I got some navy wool for another winter skirt
Some floral cotton for another house dress 
 Some very pretty cotton linen - not sure what this is going to be, maybe a blouse?
 And some grey 'clerical suiting' for a winter dress. It feels a bit like denim so it might not work for my dress, but I'm going to wash and condition it and hope it softens a little.

Before I go and get on with my exciting weekend of cleaning, I'll leave you with two blogs which have been entertaining me this week
Eclectic Ephemera has an amazing collection of interesting news stories in a vintage vibe. It makes a welcome change from the normal news channels and I learn something with each post. Top marks for cheering me up!
Jen but never Jenn also cheers me up, but for different reasons. She's clearly mad (check out the dog-food dinner) but her 1950s housewife experiments are just wonderful. I've been laughing out loud in the office. Also, she's clearly super smart and gives a very balanced view of her world. If you're not already a fan, you should be.

That is all. Happy weekend people.


  1. Hello,

    I am starting a short sewing course next week and the pattern you are using for the skirt is the one I have lined up to make...I will watch with eagerness to see how yours turns out :) I actually have an old bottle green tablecloth that my elderly neighbour gave me which I am hoping to use for the purpose!

  2. Ooh can't wait to see the finished project. FOCUS! ha ha ha. Also - love the floral fabric for a potential house dress. I really must get on with my own dress making project. From curtains, don't cha know :)

  3. Curtains and tablecloths? What a thrifty lot you are!

    Have fun on the course Miss Meiow - this is an excellent skirt to learn a whole bunch of sewing skills on. Sure it'll go fine.