Tuesday, 14 December 2010

And now the news...

It's been another busy week and the time I've not been at work (boo) or crafting (yay), I've been putting up sparkly things around the house and  sleeping. I'm actually pleased for these busy times. Although I'm  feeling dead on my feet, have a whole host of ulcers in my mouth and a permanent sore throat, I've got a lot done and even been out again which  is very satisfying, it's nice to feel well enough to keep busy.
Type A? Me? Never.
Despite my moaning, I am really enjoying making my presents and decorations. The cross stitch I did for my colleague was very gratefully  received and has spurred me on to get the other bits and pieces done.  Fortunately, I've now finished the quilt for my Nan. Parts of it are wonky, some of the stitching is a different length to other bits, and I've managed to put several pintucks in by accident but it's finished and looks fine from a distance!
 I'm actually very happy with this quilt. It's my first try at patchwork and quilting and I quite literally made it up as I went along. I've learnt some lessons about how not to make quilts (don't try to put the
whole quilt through the small gap under the arm of the sewing machine - it won't fit. Also, don't use silk for half the squares because they'll slip around like nobody's business) and I will definitely return to
quilt making in the future.
Next I need to make a bag, some little dice bags (I'll be posting about these soon as 'gifts for nerds'!), another framed cross stitch (this time a motto for my history tutor) and my crackers! How long till
Christmas again?

Still, in my travels to get bits and pieces to make all of these with, I saw Vintage Vogue patterns at 40% off and snapped 2 up. They're usually so pricey that I don't bother, but I couldn't resist these ones! Expect to see these before spring (maybe).
On Saturday I put down my sewing to go to the Garrison AGM and Christmas Party. The Garrison is a WW2 reenactment group for a Royal Artillery unit (they play with massive 22lb guns) and have an ATS regiment (the 93rd Searchlight operators) attached to them. I've joined them now and ordered my ATS uniform and will be going to several events next  year. I might even be able to make a week long trip to Normandy for a big international event in the summer!
I was pleased to find that everyone I met at the weekend was very welcoming and friendly and after a couple of hours I felt like one of the family. I've met reenactors in the past who were so obsessive that they were quite unfriendly to people who were making enquiries, but fortunately everyone at the Garrison seems very relaxed and more than happy to give pointers and, more importantly, tell me not to worry about getting it all perfect at the start. As soon as I get my outfit together I'll be sure to post plenty of pictures! I'd thoroughly recommend that if anyone is thinking about getting into ATS reenactment, the Garrison is a good  group to get in with. They also have the only fully working searchlight in the UK at the moment!
Weirdly, I met the lady that sold me my checked skirt on etsy at the party! Small world...

For Surrey girls (I know there are a few of you out there) I'd recommend you have a look at the Watercress Christmas Leave event. I was going to go, but due to family commitments I won't be able to make it *sad face*. There's going to be 40s music and food and steam trains, with a lot of people in WW2 uniforms and civilian dress, all for a very reasonable £15 a head. What more could you want?!

Finally I need to direct you over to this slightly odd but rather wonderful giveaway by In the Heyday. It's UK only and I'm down for 2 entries. Fingers crossed - this would look lovely on my hall wall!


  1. The quilt looks amazing. I can't believe you are doing so much, it makes me feel like a lazy slob! I at least made decorations last year but don't think I'll have time this year, it might be a totally non-making Christmas for me this year.

  2. The quilt is gorgeous, I love the colours!

  3. Nice quilt! And you have been a tres busy bee! Thanks for the heads up on the Watercress Line :)

  4. Wow that quilt is excellent, genius!

    Also the reduced vintage patterns, lucky you, the dress in particular looks amazing.