Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Gifts for nerds

In the unlikely event that any of you have a friend who roleplays to buy a small gift for, I thought I share what I've put together.

I'm referring specifically to those who do tabletop roleplaying, also known as pen-and-paper roleplaying - Dungeons and Dragons and the like. For a full explanation see this wiki page or alternatively this very acurate description, but essentially this is a game of make-believe with rules and statistics and to do it you need paper, pencils, rubbers and veriously sided dice.
I had to find cracker sized gifts for 4 friends who do roleplaying and I thought that giving them a set of items they can keep and use at each game would be a good gift.
The dice I bought from ebay for about £4, the pencils are Ikea pencils with the writing scraped off and the rubber is from a stationers.
I made the pouches from some old muslin I had laying around and matched the colour of the dice to the ribbon I used.
Voila, nerdy cracker gifts for less than £5.


  1. I love nerdy gifts!

  2. What a great gift! And as a medieval nerd myself, half of my friends (the ones who don't dance lindy) are involved in role playing, either live or "tablegames" (or sometimes both). I'll def keep this giftidea in mind!

  3. Hee! That was a good recommendation for a gift, my son does role playing with friends. I'll take notes ...