Friday, 17 December 2010

A Christmas Party

I didn't have time to write about this last week, but I went out for my work Christmas meal on Friday.
We went to Bordeaux Quay, on the waterfront in Bristol city centre and had really nice time.
Bordeaux Quay has a restaurant upstairs and a deli, bar and brasserie downstairs. The whole place has an organic and local theme, with most of their regular dishes provided by local organic farms and other ingredients sourced locally and as fresh each day as possible. Water is filtered and bottled (and some carbonated) on site each day in reusable glass bottles and they have an excellent selection of organic wines, beers and ciders.
It's this sort of thing that pushes the price up, but although it is expensive, for the quality of food and service you get, it's certainly not over priced.
Surprisingly, then, their Christmas menu was slightly less than several other restaurants in Bristol's centre this year and we happily decided to give it a go this year.
For starter I had a Bruschetta of Gorgonzola, sage and walnuts, which was fabulous. I followed it up with an equally good Rainbow chard, ricotta and rosemary tart and finished with a Pear, cranberry and almond tart. Their house red was really very nice and I wish I'd paid more attention to what it was!
We swapped our Secret Santas over the starters and everyone got something very apt. We're a pretty close nit group so there are rarely bottles of wine or chocolate exchanged, people usually get something funny or nice and specific to them. I was given an adorable vintage cherry print scarf and an amazing little hat by my good friend Jamie (I know, Secret Santa was a secret for about 3 minutes). My cross stitched gift was very well received as well.
Smashing hat
The lovely Jamie
At the end of the night we were offered the day's left over loaves for free and I took home a massive sourdough loaf which was delicious, doubly so for being free!
We ended at a very responsible 11pm and went home without anyone having done anything embarrassing. All in all it was a very civilised affair and a good time was had by all!
I'd thoroughly recommend Bordeaux Quay to anyone looking for a smart place to eat good food in Bristol.


  1. Love Bordeaux Quay, They have also got a cookery school i've been to before its a great thing to do of an afternoon! Nice to see a fellow Bristolian xx

  2. Sounds like you had a super Christmas Do! I demand to see a close up shot of the hat and scarf :)

  3. That starter sounds amazing. Salivating at the thought! Sounds a wonderful dinner. :) In the words of Tiny Tim 'Merry Christmas and God bless us everyone!'