Friday, 23 September 2011

'Developing your eye' part 1

 I'm taking a 6 week course in developing your eye for photography at the moment. Each week we're being given an assignment and have to bring 5 pictures with us to the next class for discussion.
The first week's subject was our daily routine, and I chose scenes from the start and end of my day at work.
I've tried to take fewer pictures than I might normally, and spend a bit longer composing the shot and considering what works. The five I've picked out are below, and I'd really appreciate your comments.
My camera is a very humble point and click, so things like exposure are out of my control, but in terms of subject, composition etc. I'm really trying to improve, so please say it like it is!
I know that several of you are very skilled photographers and I suspect that many more of you are arty types. I'd honestly value your input, good and bad!



  1. I think these are stellar. You have interesting angles and close-ups, as well as a couple shots that make you look and wonder what they are at first. I think you made the mundane looks unique.

  2. Oh, yay, you've started the course! Will you keep us appraised, I'd really like to know how you go with it.

    I like them, my faves are the stairs and the rain splatter window.

    Try taking a photo from lower down, not at an angle but straight on. Put the camera on the floor. Stand on a chair. Shoot all these dead straight, not tilted and see what you get.

    I'd also recommend going through all the photos you've taken and picking out the ones you love, then scrutinise the composition to see what it is about them that you like. See if it's something that can be translated in to other photos and then have at it.

  3. I'll be watching your progress with interest as I love photography as an art form, but it's really not my strong point, and probably where my blog falls down. I only have a mini point and click too.

    They're all pretty good, but the stairs one is excellent - in my amateur opinion. It's just a great composition. Like the effect of the raindrops one too.

  4. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Out of all of them, I do think the stairs are the best; the composition is interesting, the lines are just about spot on and it's really good how you have positioned the outside railings to draw you into the picture and the light source. With a little bit of tweaking, this picture could be something quite special.

    The use of line is really important in any composition, remember to use them effectively they need to draw the viewer into the picture. :D An example would be like this photo: B dot Depictions Studio

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  5. Sounds like a great course, i love the staircase one the lines and angles in each step and the swirls of the ironwork work really well together, i might have to pinch this idea just need to find a lovely staircase now! my other favourite is the rain on the window i love depth of field photography there is a great blog all about photography over at the pioneer woman and if you fancy a monthly photo challenge there is always a good one over at postcards from the PP
    you'll find that you look at everything differently now would it make a good picture, can i get a better angle, how the light changes things, but most importantly take photos of what you love and although its great to spend time thinking about a shot don't think too much and lose the moment oh and have fun!!!

  6. Thank you very much everyone, those are some very helpful comments! I'll endeavour to remember all of this when I'm shooting this week!

  7. Wow, I love the staircase one! with photography just use your eye and your instinct. I have a big flashy SLR camera that cost lots of money and I use it rarely. Every day I have a £75 standard digital camera that gets hung off my bike, shoved in my pocket, languishes in my bag getting things dropped on it. it produces 99% of my favourite pictures...good luck with the course and enjoy it.