Saturday, 24 September 2011

I need never leave the house again

Which is just as well, since autumn has blown in with cold and wet being the new daily default, all day, every day. Bleugh. Roll on winter I say!
But, as I was saying, I need never leave the house again, having discovered Shop Style. I expect I'm the last person to hear about this website, but not reading magazines or high street fashion blogs or shopping anywhere but eBay of late, I'd been in the dark until an accidental googling brought me there this week.
Shop Style seems to just be a massive catalogue of a good portion of high street through to high end clothes, which are searchable. Thus I could look for capes, filtered by colour and price and see offerings from dozens of different shops.

In looking for some wintery clothes recently, I discovered that I've actually forgotten how to shop. I tried eBay, then Marks and Spencer and then hit a brick wall, where else sells clothes? Duhhhhh...
So Shop Style is a bit of a life saver. Not a money saver though; after a happy half hour looking at lovely things I'd placed orders with 3 shops. They'll probably be totally wrong for me but I was tempted by the offers of free delivery and free returns. I'll probably send them all back. Right?
I thought I'd share some of my favourite items so that I don't have to apply for bankruptcy alone. You can thank me later.

I'm having a cape moment. The catwalks were full of belted capes (Dr's waiting room mag - very informative) and these seem to be getting picked up on the highstreet too. Love this House of Fraser one, though it ain't cheap.

House of Fraser cape
 This jacket with a removable cape is a bit quirky but I'm very drawn to it. Mad Granny or stylish vintage?
Tweed cape jacket

Why is a basic rain mac so hard to find? I've spent hours looking for a smart and stylish coat. This one from Zara is nice, but it's a bit short - my legs'll get wet!
Zara raincoat
Better length but dreaded camel colour. If anything makes me look seriously ill, it's wearing camel.
 Zara trench
Now this is much better. A distinctly 70s style, but it looks flattering, is a reasonable length and has big pockets. I'm not sure about the colour, but I've ordered one. Report to follow.

ASOS trench
Having had some success with the coats, I started looking for dresses. I'm always on the lookout for flattering dresses, particularly for winter. This New Look skater style dress has heavy vintage overtones and the princess seams might make it a flattering fit. This too is on its way.
Newlook skater dress
Not one for me, sadly, but I thought someone else might fin this tempting - it's plus size only (UK20 up), jersey and in a very 40s style cut. Just with they did a smaller version!
ASOS plus sized dress
Still on the hunt for jersey, I came across this. Simple but really quite nice. I love the colour, and the longer length on this too. I may order one of these...

BooHoo jersey skater dress
Red is obviously very much in my winter pallet since I couldn't resist this top. It's limited edition and comes in 3 colours.
New Look blouse
And finally, accessories. I didn't really get into the shoes, since any regular reader will know that I have a small 'substance abuse problem' as Carrie Bradshaw would put it. I love this bag though, and have in fact had 3 bags very much like this before but for quite a bit more than they're charging. Ostrich is also my favourite. Black would be more practical, but the tan would go well with my new trench...
BooHoo bag
OK, I lied. There are shoes. But just one pair. And yes, these also went into my shopping bag. They're perfect for winter, though, and RED!

New Look desert boots

Ah, new season shopping. Got to love it.
Are there any other good style websites out there that I've missed? I'd love to hear how to shop a bit better from the experts!


  1. I also have never heard of shop style! But I do love the first two caoats and the new look blouse is rather sweet.

  2. Loving the mad granny coat. I'm off to search for shop style.