Friday, 30 September 2011

Developing your eye part 2

Yesterday was the second of my photography classes (part 1 here). This week's assignment was 'black and white' and it was certainly a challenge.
I tried to look at objects which were obvious with colour, but in black and white became more abstract and maybe a little odd looking.
Once again, I'd welcome some input - last week's comments were very helpful!

Shooting in colour and then desaturating in MS photo editor made things tricky and half of what I thought would work really didn't. I've also had a busy week, so I've ended up with some shots I can't say I'm all that happy with, but they provoked some interesting discussion so I guess that makes them successful in one regard?
I have learnt something valuable - namely that I'm all about colour when taking photos normally. Although I might experiment some more with black and white, I have to say it doesn't do that much for me.

Next week's assignment is about narrative - 5 pictures that tell a story. I'm totally stumped!


  1. I'm usually not tempted by black and white either but there's lots of diferent types of black and white. Play with filters in your photo editor and see the differences. :)

  2. Black and white can be very effective in the right circumstances, I use it occasionally.

    A story in 5 pictures, that sounds great. think of a task that you do....such as getting the dinner ready, or weeding garden, or walking the dog. then think of 3 pictures that would show, dog, 1, picture of you putting on your shoes, 2, picture of dog lead, 3, picture of dog on lead leaving house, 4, picture of dog on lead out somewhere, 5, dog curled up and a steaming cup of tea... it does not have to de extra ordinary or dramatic. just remember, the shortest story ever was written by Mark Twain and is only 6 words long. I love the pepper, it looks alien!