Monday, 26 September 2011

Hair today...

When I was invited out for a night on the tiles this weekend, I knew I wanted to wear my new 30s style dress (more on that later) and obviously had to do some styling to suit it.I've had Vintage Hairstyling for a while, but hadn't yet tried any of the styles from it yet. One of the hairstyles is the 1930s faux-bob, with curls at the front immitating waves and the back pinned under.

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow - I put a row of curlers along the top of my head, and several round the back, and wandered around all Saturday looking glam in curlers and a headscarf!

I was in a bit of a hurry when it came to taking the curlers out etc. so sadly I didn't quite get the look from the book!
I also don't think I should've used foam rollers since they made the ends of my curls very tight, velcro rollers next time I think!

I was very pleased with the results though, and I got several compliments while I was out! A bit of setting lotion and a ton of spray and it all stayed in place for most of the evening.

This is definitely a style I'd try out again, and take a bit more care with next time! If you don't already have this book, I suggest you get it PDQ - there's a lot of useful information about methods and techniques for curling your hair and then lots of different vintage styles explained in detail. As a hair novice (seriously, I can't even french plait or do a bun) I found the instructions very easy to follow. 

Can anyone spot my deliberate mistake? That's right, I did my hair before taking off my hoodie... doh!


  1. Is is really easy? I love the look of this book and bought it for my sister, but I am CRAP at hair, can just about manage a ponytail on a good day.

    You look great BTW - and re: the hoodie, yes that's exactly the sort of thing I'd do!

  2. really cute.....velcro rollers changed my life.

  3. Looks lovely, really suits ya!! X