Sunday, 15 January 2012

Charity shop success

I had a very enjoyable day yesterday, pootling down the Gloucester Road in Bristol looking in charity shops and eating scrummy cakes with the husband. It was a lovely day, despite the cold, and I came away with a few real treasures!

I found this slubby fabric and thought it would make a great dress - it's heavy and has a great drape. I think it's curtaining fabric but it's very pretty all the same. At 6m for £15 I couldn't say no!
I also saw this homemade a-line skirt, soft blue floral cotton and trimmed with white lace. I think it'll need a couple of small darts in the waist to make it fit better but that's easy to do!
I also couldn't leave these shoes behind. They're in my size and in really good condition, and only £4. What a bargain!
They'll go well with my 1940s Swing Dress I'm trying to get finished for a wedding next weekend. I have to say it's causing me more trouble than I'd expected, but I'm getting there. Hopefully I'll have some stunning pictures of the finished item tomorrow...wish me luck!


  1. Oh I do love a bargain! I went charity shop shopping on Friday and bought a pair of wool trousers. And accidentally got my hair cut, which was totally my Mum's fault.

  2. Great bargains! Good luck with your dress :)

  3. oooh those shoes!

  4. I found some amazing charity shop bargains at the weekend. I love that fabric!

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  6. Wow those shoes are gorgeous! That material looks great to make something with and the skirt is lovely! Great finds! XxxX