Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas circle skirt

Now that the gift exchanging is over and done with, I can talk about a skirt I made as a present.
I wasn't sure what to buy, so, knowing that the lady in question likes a 50s dress, thought I'd make her a circle skirt. I used the directions Casey posted in her sewalong to craft the size - using a 40" circle to give a likely hip (since I don't know the right dress size!) measurement, and sewed it onto a 28" band of elastic. This way the skirt can be pulled on and suits a good range of waist sizes!
It's a full circle and so it's massive. I think it'll look really good with a petticoat underneath. I couldn't resist the fabric, so very gothabilly!
To attach it to the waistband, I first overlocked the waist seam, and then pinned it to the inside of the elastic at regular intervals. Then I simply stretched the elastic till the fabric fell flat and zigzagged it on.
Simples! And it gives a nice even gather too!
While the maths was something of a challenge (working in a combination of inches and cms didn't help that), this was a breeze to make. I got to use my rolled hem foot and was pleased at how evenly the hem turned out. All in all, a great little project, and I'd strongly recomment Casey's sew along instructions to beginners.


  1. I have that fabric in blue in my stash! Thanks for the link, its a lovely skirt.

  2. That looks so cool, love that gothy fabric and perfect for a circle skirt

  3. Ooh, yay for circle skirts! I have one on my to-make list and was planning on using Casey's tutorial, good to know it's nice and easy. Hope mine turns out as nice as yours!

  4. Thats gorgeous - what a lovely friend you are to give such a wonderful, thoughtful gift! Thats the true spirit of christmas. I'm jealous - i want it! :)

  5. Hmmm - i keep pondering making one of these skirts - but I get all confused (I am a bit hopeless at the best of times)

    This looks fab - what a lovely present :)

  6. Awesome skirt! Man I need some friends who would make me such fabby gifts! :)