Friday 6 January 2012

Tinsel Town

So, the Christmas parties are done and dusted, the tree's come down and the diet's started. I for one an glad we're back to normality, though I am going to miss the lights!
I attended a couple of soirees, which I enjoyed immensely, though I had a bit of a damp Christmas, being really ill for most of it and thus spent New Years watching Buffy at home.

Fortunately, I did have fun in the pre-Christmas week. I went to a works do, where we had a lovely meal and more than one drink. I wore a lace blouse from Zara, an old charity shop find which only really comes out at Christmas, paired with my Nan's black velvet skirt - perfect for the cold, blustery evening. It felt odd wearing black stockings -  I've only worn tan ones for so long, but they're What Katie Did retro stockings, so I got to keep my seams at least.
Later the same week I went with friends to Blitzmas, a 40s themed dance in town. For this, I pulled out the Butterick dress I made back in 2010, but have only worn once! It didn't fit me that well back then, and I've lost weight since, but it's festive and just about the only Christmassy dress in my wardrobe, so out it came!
I accessorised with a handy bit of tinsel, and my trusty Clarks shoes (note to self, buy more evening footwear) I also wore my new MAC lippie, in Chilli, which is far darker and more orangy than my normal Russian Red, but actually a lot easier to wear. The colour still looks good and red as well as matte, but it's far less drying and not so flashy. It's my new firm favourite!
Blitzmas was a big success and I had a fantastic time with our friends, who not only looked great but showed off their mad swing dancing skills as well.

I have sworn that I'm going to try to get out more often in 2012!
What about you, any good parties over the festive season?


  1. Wow, hello hot stuff! You look fab!

    Very jealous of your parties. I was supposed to go to a couple at the end Nov/ beginning Dec but was too ill. I want to get out more this year too, I spent most of 2011 at home in the evenings, very dull!

    Ooh, and if you're free on 3rd March Suzy's coming to Cardiff if you wanna come along?

  2. LOVING the homemade frockery!! Such a lovely colour!

  3. Wow you look gorgeous! The Butterick dress is so well made!I love your lipstick too! XxxX

  4. I love all your dresses. It fits you well and you really look gorgeous! I hope I can wear one of your dresses soon.:)
    Thanks for sharing this stuff:)