Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bargains of the week

In order to lift some of my funk today I popped into a charity shop mid commute. There's nothing quite like shopping when you're supposed to be at work!
I've been enviously eyeing up other people's bargains of late and wondering why I never find anything as good when I go shopping. I'm not sure if I've been looking in the wrong shops or if I've just been in a shopping lull but I came away with four new skirts this morning!
This first is a Marks and Spencer skirt in a loose weave polyester I love the pale blue colour and the boxy pleats. This will look great with a white blouse for summer.
Second is another Marks and Spencer skirt, also made from polyester but this has a texture to it which reminds me of gingham, wish I knew what it was called!
I'm digging the nautical vibe on this and I love the 30s style box pleats in the front and back. This one's a bit big in the waist but is simply made and I'll be able to make some easy adjustments to get it fitting.
Next up is a black floral print viscose skirt. It's really soft and drapey and, although it's really quite a bit too big, should fit with some more simple adjustments.
Last up is this spring floral skirt. Again, the fabric is lovely and a couple of simple modifications will make this perfect for my warm weather wardrobe!
Each of those skirts was £4, so I feel like I have a bargain - I couldn't make them that cheaply!
It's times like this that I'm very grateful for my sewing knowledge - once the thought of taking off a waistband and adjusting darts would have filled me with dread, but I'm happy now that it'll be a quick and simple job and will increase the contents of my wardrobe for very little effort.
I do wish we had a few more charity shops that sold things like fabric and patterns, though. They're very few and far between round here, mostly we get Primark cast offs and rack after rack of VHS...

My other happy purchase, or at least delivery received today, is this collection of teas. I like green tea very much but I find it's often a bit bland and stale. I had a recommendation to try Jing and I've bought this vast array of different teas. I'm trying to cut down on the litres of coffee I normally drink and these should help. I can't wait to dive in and start trying them!


  1. Well done on the fab purchases, as you say nothing beats shopping when you should be working!

  2. Beautiful skirts!! I agree, if it weren't for my sewing know-how I don't know what I would do. There's nothing that perks me up like retail therapy and tea! :)

  3. I'm far away from feeling comfortable disassembling a skirt like that, but good for you! Those will definitely be nice wardrobe additions. I really like the floral on that last skirt, how summery!

  4. I love those skirts! They will be just perfect for summer time swinging! xx

  5. Woah! You wait ages for a skirt - and then 4 come along at once! Hurrahs! Especially the 3rd & 4th ones! I need to get me some more sewing knowledge!!

  6. I love the first and second skirts particularly!

    That's the thing with charity shops. You have to keep looking and then one day amazing stuff shows up!

  7. Is that "gingham" type skirt seersucker?

    Love your site by the way

  8. Deborah - it is! It's seersucker. Thanks :)