Tuesday, 22 February 2011

These are a few of my favourite things...

As I've mentioned in some previous posts, I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps recently and had a pretty bad time of it this week. Thank you for all your kind words, it means a lot to have you all being so kind.
I understand from your comments on this post that I'm not the only one feeling a bit down at the moment! In an effort to cheer myself and hopefully the rest of you up a bit, I've put together a list of my favourite things. Stuff that makes me smile.
I'm also tagging a challenge to those of you who said you were feeling down too. Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to list 6 things that make you feel happy, contented or relaxed. Then you ask someone else to do the same, and in no time we'll all be smiling!

1. Fresh laundry
White sheets cracking in the breeze, the smell of laundry dried outside in the sunshine and the feel of clean sheets in bed. Even the view of a washing line covered in clean clothes makes me smile. I can't stand synthetic perfumes in laundry powders, so I usually use soda crystals which leave just the fresh, sweet smell of clean clothes behind.

2. Water
I love water in all its forms. The sea, rivers, lakes, even rain. Swimming in it, boating on it, listening to it, looking at it. I find it all magical and therapeutic.
I love the sound of ships' lines pinging against the mast in the wind and can sit and watch water for hours at a time. One day, I will live by the sea.

3. Lol cats
Yeah, cats who can't spell. I know. But can you really resist laughing at this?

4. Reading in bed
As far as I'm concerned, the greatest luxury. There are so many other things to be done and yet I'm off in a fantasy land and I'm doing it from under the duvet. Get a cup of tea and a pile of soft pillows to prop yourself up and life doesn't get much better.
26/365, laying in bed reading comics

5. Cleaning
Yup, I'll come clean (hehe, see what I did there?), I like cleaning. Not all the time, but I love the focus that goes into cleaning and then when you step back at the end to see a gleaming surface, or kitchen or cupboard, it's so satisfying. Again, I don't like chemical smells, so most of my cleaners are just plain soap with either lavender or tea tree essential oils added and the smell of clean and fresh rooms is just magical!
Cleaning Supplies for Spring Cleaning

6. Unstarted craft projects
Blank note books, uncut fabric, rows of embroidery silks in every colour. Endless posibilities. There's something about craft and sewing supplies untouched and unstarted that makes me all giddy.
sew far sew good
Pen and Paper

OK, over to you. What are your favourite things?

In particular, these ladies said they were feeling a bit down too, so I'm challenging them directly to come up with some of their favourite things, but consider this an open challenge.

The 'Raindrops on Roses' challenge!


  1. Super challenge! It's got me thinking...

  2. Ok I have taken your challenge :-)

  3. Lovely list, reminded me of some more reasons to be cheerful. This month is just blah, and you are right, so many of us are struggling with the blues. It is a good idea to try and rise above them...spring is just around the corner.

  4. Wonderful list! Put a smile on my face all day =) It's so great to once in a while be reminded of all the little things there are to appreciate in the everyday life.

    And I totally share your love for water. One year I lived in the port-town Visby, we were three young women sharing a house that had a sea view. Since then, it's been a dream to one day again live by the sea.

  5. Hi, I have dedicated a post to your site in my vintage collection:
    Hope you like.

  6. beautiful post, LOL cats definitley made me smile anyway ha! how cute and odd is that website!

  7. Hi, hope you are feeling a bit better. I took up your lovely challenge and have linked back to your blog.
    Big Hugs x

  8. Sorry you're down in the dumps :o(

    Reading in bed is one of my favourite things, especially when I doze off half way through a page!