Wednesday, 2 February 2011

More sewing chat

I managed to find time for an outfit post yesterday. I'm wearing the gathered skirt I made at new year and my trusty Marks and Spencer cardigan over a Marks and Spencer blouse. The belt is actually vintage, just about and was a hand-me-down from my Mum. I've realised that this blog has been mainly about my sewing of late so it's good to break up the monotony a little!

That said, I have more sewing related news! I managed to pop into the fabric shop in the centre of town before work. I only went in for a zip, but I saw this lovely heavy viscose while I was there. I love the pattern and the weight and feel of it is just lovely. It's so soft, it'll make a lovely dress.
 The flowers are so pretty.
I have this 1930s dress pattern from Past Patterns and I thought it would work nicely with this fabric. What do you think? Will it work?
In other news, I've nearly finished the Folkwear Glamour Girl dress, which I am very pleased about - it's been a pain in the arse since I started it and I'm not even very happy with the result - I think I'll be making a few adjustments and then writing it off as a house dress. I'll pop some pictures up in the next day or two if I can find the will to finish it.
Thanks for all the comments on the trousers, most of you seem reasonably in agreement over what the issue is and on the options for fixing it, so again, I'll make some alterations and post soon.
Finally, my Swing Dress sewalong pattern has finally arrived, so I'm going to make a start on that soon. I'm going to be quite a way behind but I want to get my other projects finished before I start! In addition, I want to overlock my swing dress - I think the crepe will fall apart otherwise - and so I need to get my overlocker fixed pronto. Watch this space!


  1. Lovely fabric, it will be perfect for that dress!

  2. Oh yes, that fabric would work very well for that dress!

  3. That 30's dress will look beautiful in that fabric. And I like your gold T-strap flats!