Monday, 14 February 2011

Pattern shopping

As I spent most of my weekend shopping (and assembling Ikea furniture), I've managed to have another sewing-free weekend. I did find time to redecorate in here though. Hope you like it, I'm going for a fresh and clean look!

I did do something else this weekend. I was bad.
I saw that Jaycotts had 10% off a number of their patterns.
I've been looking at these first two for a while, so I thought I'd use the sale as an excuse to finally get them!
 Vintage Vogue V1171
This is a pattern issued in 1950 originally, but I think the big collar gives it a vaguely 30s feel.

 Vogue V8604
I was inspired to buy this pattern by Suzy who's just sewn a pair of the trousers for the Cupcake Goddess sewalong. I'll definitely be giving the trousers a go but I like the skirt and the jacket too.

New Look 6007
I've been toying with the idea of wearing a cape for some time, then yesterday I saw a woman wearing a beautiful grey wool one in town and decided I need one. I like view D - short and with a collar. Could be good for spring!


  1. Lovely patterns! I think the first would have a more 30s feel if you slimmed the skirt a bit... But it's also pretty just as it is, loose 50s skirts is so great for summer-wear =)
    Hope you'll get more sewing time coming week! Isn't it annoying when chores and errands eats up a girls sewing time? ; )

  2. Beautiful projects! I assure you that the cape is a wonderful investment for the future, it is worth!