Saturday, 12 February 2011

Primarni footwear

I have come to realise that my claims about owning only Clarks shoes is a false one. With a recent splurge of a whole £30, I added 3 new pairs to my collection of Primark shoes. I'm not normally a huge fan of Primark - on the whole their stuff is cheap and poorly made, and there are cheap labour issues, of course.
All that aside, their shoes can often be real leather (something I look for in shoes) and actually quite comfortable. I wear mine quite often and they've aged pretty well.
This is the pair I wore in my outfit post earlier this week. They're so frivolous that they brighten up any outfit! 

I wear these instead of trainers - dancing, hardcore shopping expoditions, popping to the shops. They're so soft that they're probably the most comfortable shoes I own!

I've been a bit wary of masculine brogues before - I worry they make my feet look massive! These ones are quite a narrow cut though, and the low heel gives them just enough of a feminine touch!

I bought these for summer - they're canvas and leather. Perfect sporting shoe for croquet and other genteel summer activities!

I didn't need these, but I loved the cut outs and the raised pleats on the front. These aren't real suede, but they look pretty good. And actually, I'm a bit short on evening shoes, so maybe I did need them!

Seeing as I'm on a budget this year, I think I'll be doing more Primark shopping in the future!


  1. Love the low-heeled brogues and oxfords!

  2. Wow, I love those ivory oxfords!!

  3. I love the first and the last ones! They're ultra-feminine without being impractical, like many of today's shoes!

  4. Love the brogues, I might just pop in and see if they have any to fit my oddly sized barbie doll feet!!

  5. Hey, shoe twin! ha ha ha :) I have the black brogues and the taupe version of your black ones at the end. Those canvas brogues - were they a recent purchase?

  6. All those shoes are adorable- the frilly ones most of all. I wish I could keep white shoes clean.

  7. I feel the same about Primarni, but the fact is, needs must. And those first and last shoes are amah-zing!! I think I tried to buy the last pair but the queue was just daft so I left it. xx

  8. Love them all! :)
    Especially the last ones in black.