Thursday, 31 March 2011

Vicarious Vintage Inspired Shopping

I'm in the middle of my shopping fast and needed a fix. Touching real clothes would be too much for my jonesing, so it was an online shopping trip only.
I'm sure you're all familiar with the fab clothes available at Heyday, Freddies of Pinewood and the like, so I'm sharing some of my favourite vintage inspired High Street buys. See, under the guise of sharing with you I'm getting vicarious spending done :)

Zara usually have a lot of great 1940s style clothes, but they've come up a bit short this season. If you're into a 60s Mod look, there's plenty on offer, but not much to suit me.
I'm not sure where the waist sits on these, but if it's close to the natural waist they could look great with a 30s inspired top.
Zara has quite a few stripey slash neck t-shirts. I think they could work well with high waisted jeans for a cheeky nautical look.

River Island has come up trumps this time round. The have a couple of dresses this style, which claim to be knee length. I'm interested to see if they really do reach the knee, but this one in particular is lovely!
River Island beige 50s embellished prom dress £44.99
 The same goes for this one - it's lovely but how long is it?
River Island brown check belted shirt dress £39.99
This makes me think of Edwardian styles, but also of the Mexican blouses that were popular in the 40s. I think this top calls for a broomstick tiered skirt or some wide legged trousers.
River Island blue print chelsea girl gypsy top £25.00
I really like the buttons and the waist detailing on these, nice for the sunny months!
River Island beige button wide leg trousers £34.99

Marks and Spencer have a limited range of interesting clothes for once, I normally find lots of clothes I like but not much today!
This shirt made me think of Katharine Hepburn, it's a great classic shirt.
Marks and Spencer Autograph Essentials Twin Flap Pocket Satin Shirt £29.50
The Roma range at Marks is higher waisted and a bit more generous in the hip! They fit me the best of any trousers on the high street and are where my trousers I wear most often to work come from. These linen ones look like they'd be nice for the park or walking by the sea when it really gets hot!
Marks and Spencer Per Una Roma Pure Linen Wide Leg Trousers £35.00
 Next I looked at Clarks for some shoes! I've been after some white sandals since last summer, and I think these fit the bill perfectly! They ain't cheap but I think they'd go anywhere and I could dance in them. What more could a girl ask for? Clarks have their usual great range of styles inspired by their own archives - I do go on about them though so I'll leave their range at one pair!
Clarks Orinda Cameo £59.99

Office have some nice sandals too. I like these in particular as they're not so high as some of the others!
Despite all those lovely things, I think the only things I'd like to go and look at are the Clarks shoes, the M&S trousers and the River Island blouse. At a pinch, maybe just the I getting less keen on spending money with my fast?


  1. You are right on the stripey shirts and slacks!
    I combined them yesterday and made a post about it. Works really well!

    I love the beige river island slacks.
    Just lovely.

  2. Vicarious shopping, like it. The Clarks heels are very sweet, as are those M&S trews.

  3. Oh that cream RI dress is LOVELY! It does indeed look knee length... I am sorely tempted!!

  4. I positively adore those polka dot pants and the striped shirt up top! The pants seem so dreamy, easy to wear and in polka dots! Yay! I've seen those stripey tops around so much and thought they looked so frenchy, I need one desperately! Thanks for the linkage and inspiration!


  5. I could die for the pants with buttons on the sides, that's in my eye lately.

  6. Well done for resisting the shopping! I have been window shopping lots! so looking forward to Easter!