Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Where's spring?

I was chuffing cold today, see your own breath cold. I'd hoped that by March we'd be seeing a few more balmy days but no such luck.
As a result of the toe curling cold I wore my cashmere socks with my WKD seamed stockings and my cashmilion (best invention ever) cardie over a new ebay purchase - a pretty vest top that looks like a very old fashioned camisole. Fortunately with the addition of a wool beret, wool scarf and a heavy coat I didn't freeze to death.
Cardigan - Marks and Spencer, Vest - ASOS via eBay, Skirt - homemade :)

I managed to finally make some moves towards getting a perm. I've found a young hairdresser who works at a salon near my office and seems to have good perm experience. I'm going to book a consultation with her to discuss what I'm after and see what happens next... As you cans ee from the photo above, my hair has nothing resenbling a curl in it when it's unstyled and resents holding a curl for more time than it takes me to do my makeup. A perm is probably drastic measures but I feel like it's my only option, other than doing a full set every single evening, which just aint happening!

In other news, I've downloaded my first Burda pattern, a blouse and if I ever get past the trousers and dress that have been holding me up for the last month, I'm going to make that next I think.

Hope you're all having good weeks so far - only 2 days to the weekend!


  1. Love your look today! It IS chuffing cold!! I am bored of it. I really want it - nay NEED - it to turn a corner!

    Re perm - does a set not last in your hair at all? Even with setting lotion?

  2. Love this outfit, X

  3. Love the outfit! Strange about the weather, here it's getting warmer. It's even above 0 C (above freezing) this week! When the sun is out, spring is really in the air =) I'm disregarding the 20 cm thick snow cover we still have going on...

    I've tried to do pincurls on a friend who has really straight hair, and no amounts of setting lotion and small pin-rolls helped. A perm sounds like a great idea!

  4. Bitter! I stood on the platform at the station this morning and got blasted by the freezing cold wind so I moved behind a wall and the bloody wind changed direction the minute I moved and still came straight at me :-(
    I want some sunshine please.

  5. It is silly cold still!! Lovely outfit x

  6. PErms rule - mine's nearly grown out but it made such a massive difference to the time my curls last. Beware, it makes your hair fiendishly dry though!

  7. Alas I have the sort of hair that Erika is talking about - silky smooth and soft and virtually impossible to curl. I have some pictures that I'll pop up tomorrow of what counts as a successful set for me. It's not great. If I do it right I can get about 4-6 hours out of a set.
    Fleur - it was your perm that convinced me it was the way forwards. Fingers crossed I don't end up living in the 80s...

    And Erika, you make me feel very silly complaining about the cold here! It's not really even frosty anymore...