Saturday, 12 March 2011

Giveaway gifts

It's giveaway time!

I've hit 100 followers via blogger, which I find frankly amazing. There are 100 people from across the world who are interested in my ramblings. Incredible! I'd love to say that I'm above such petty concepts as having lots of followers, but clearly I'm not. I like feeling loved.
What I find the most incredible are the range of countries the you all come from. Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, South Korea... I wonder how it feels to sit in some of these far away places and read about me picking ivy in my local park. I wonder what you can all see out of your windows.

I understand that it's traditional (can something so new as blogging have traditions?) to give something away upon reaching such a landmark and I'm not one to flaunt tradition. As such, I am offering a present to the three people I judge as giving the best answers to the following question;

Why should I visit your country, region or town for a holiday in 2011?

There are three prizes up for grabs.

Prize 1. A vintage coin purse. I don't know how old it is, but it has a very classic look. Not quite big enough for a credit card, it will hold your coins very stylishly!

Prize 2. A copy of 'Romancing the Ordinary' by Sarah Ban Breathnach
Inspired by Sunni giving away a copy of another of Sarah Ban Breathnach's books recently, I thought I'd spread some happiness myself. I love how this book helps you to get to grips with enjoying the small pleasures in life, a month at a time, and I always find it uplifting to read.

Prize 3. Singer sewing machine necklace
I made one of these for me this week and thought I'd run up a second to giveaway.

Just let me know when you comment which prize you'd like (you can enter for as many as you like!). I'll give you a few of weeks to think about it, so I'll close entries at midnight (GMT) on the 31st March.

Small print;
This competition is open to anyone, in any country as long as they're a follower of this blog
Everyone gets a maximum of one entry per prize - if you do want to enter for more than one prize, please specify which order you'd like them 
Entries may be via the comments section on this post, or better still on your own blog (please leave a link in the comment section though!)
Offers of free accommodation and tour-guide services should I choose to visit will sway my vote ;)


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  2. Why should you visit Australia?? Well, I was only watching last night, one of your British shows airing on pay TV here called A Place in The Sun - It's one of those home shows where the presenter finds a number of homes for a couple or single to choose from and hopefully buy.
    It seems you British love our fair country for its oodles and oodles of sun...So what better reason to visit!
    Even in the middle of winter you will find parts of the country that are gloriously sunny. And lets not forget the beaches!
    In my part of the word, Melbourne, Aussies complain it's one of the coldest cities to live...but it doesn't snow. Though it is a bit unpredictable here. We once had a major hail storm in the middle of summer! I like that wild uncertainty - it makes things interesting! ;-)

    I could safely say you would love a trip here - whether it's Melbourne, or other less well known areas (West Australia is stunning in it's massive diversity). So come to Aus and enjoy the sun! :-D

    (I would love to win that cute coin purse! I also have a giveaway running on MY blog too if you would like to enter.)

  3. Why you should visit Norway? Because we have a beautiful nature, nice people and a lot of little independent shops. Oslo in the summer is really great, having picnic in the park, drinking coffee on the sidewalk and go to a lot of fleamarkets and vintagehsops. In the weekend we can go to a cabin in the mountain and walk in the mountain, eating really homemade food ecologically. :)
    And we can visit little allotment, which is really beautiful in the summer:

    I would love to win the necklace, since I like to sew :)
    And I'm gonna link to your blog and this give away. Have a nice Sunday! :)

  4. Well, I think you should visit London, because there's such a lot of vintage shops to visit! On the other hand if you're not doing shopping, come for a day trip and visit the V&A for pure vintage lust:) I'd love to win the purse.

  5. The weather is always lovely in California (even when it's raining!) and there's so much to do. You can go to the beach, or visit Disneyland, see the Hollywood stars, the list really goes on and on. Whatever happens, I hope you have a great vacation.

    Also, necklace please! :)

  6. Why visit London? Why bother staying in the UK... well, I would have said that a few years ago myself. Then we had to save for a wedding and home, so no holidays. Over the last few years my home town has thrown up, time and again, new opportunities and interests: quirky museums, thriving markets, kooky bars, lectures, free theatre, wonderful parks, libraries, churches/temples/mosques, shops and of course every type of food in every price range. Dr Johnson was right. The one downside of this city is that there is simply too much to do in a weekend: beyond the Eye and Tower, in the hidden streets and corners, there's a whole world to be found.

    I would love to win the necklace, it's super!

  7. You should visit Sweden for the beautiful nature and the wonderful dancing! I would suggest a week at Herräng, the worlds biggest international swing dance camp (about 800 people calls it home each of the 5 weeks the camp is running). The camp is situated close to the beach, in the stunning archipelago of Roslagen, which in itself is worth a visit. 24 hours dancing a day for 6 days! The only bad thing to be said about Herrang is that one have to miss out on something in order to get any sleep =)

    Before Herräng, as close to the mid-summer night as possible, I'd recommend a trip to northern Sweden. There's just no words beautiful eunough to describe the light at night up here during June / early July! It's not the harsh daylight of the south, not even the softer daylight of the north. It's a cool, grayish, calm and somehow fragile light.
    The midnight light is something no pictures can do justice, and words fall short. At least once in a lifetime one should see it... (Oh, how I'm longing for summer nights now! Writing this makes me wish for vacation when I can stay up late and just be). Just check out this post:

    Then, of course, there's Stockholm, a very pretty city with lot's of nice tourist attractions, like the outdoor museum of Skansen. For anyone interested in history, it's bliss! If you have a week over after all this, I'd take the boat to Gotland, the island often refered to as "Swedens Riviera". Hot and sunny weather, long beaches, always close to the ocean. The island's medieval city Visby is absolutly charming!

    Sweden is a beautiful land - but the selling point for me is the light. I don't even long for "sun-vacations" in southern Europe! It gets dark there, after all =)

    I'd like a shot at 1) the purse and 2) the book.
    The necklace is so cute, but I'm usually allergic to the metal in jewelry. But the purse is adorable!

  8. You should visit the islands in the northern part of Norway this summer because its simply one of the most beautiful places in the world! ;)
    I can't brag about hot weather, but the landscape and nature doesn't need 30 degrees C. Its sunny 24 hours a day with the midnight sun, its a lot of long, white beautiful beaches, and you can go whale watching if you're interested in stuff like that. In every small town you'll find cozy cafes, and small shops for good bargains.
    And if you visit during the first weeks of July I'd be happy to be your personal guide ;)

    I guess I'd pick #1 the purse if I should be one of the lucky winners :)

    Miss M

  9. I think you should visit West London where I live. We have Kew Gardens round the corner which is amazing if you like nature, and some fab museums nearby (V & A, Science and Natural History) all pretty close. Portobello market in Notting Hill is also well well worth a visit. Of course, if you came on a proper guided tour of my house you'd have the pleasure of being jumped on constantly by two small boys - always a delight! x

  10. Sorry, me again, forgot to say vintage purse is my top choice followed by Singer necklace. Thanks x

  11. No doubt you should visit my island, spring-like weather all year, good food and friendly people, besides being surrounded by sea and sand all around. However, this island is known as a micro continent and in two hours you can spend a pleasant landscape to a green and lush with vegetation.
    Here the lifestyle is relaxed and entirely devoted to tourism, so there is everything you need for a holiday.
    A bonus is that you do not need a large suitcase luggage, only a bikini and sarong, LOL.
    My first choice is the small purse, love it! followed by the collar.

  12. While I don't think the central United States is at the top of anyone's dream vacation spots, there are lots of great vintage and antique shops here -- right in the path of the old Route 66. Its also more of a true American picture than visiting New York City or Los Angeles or Florida -- which are the more glamourized visions of life in the US. Though given my choice, I would recommend seeing old Hollywood in California and Miami in Florida, Chicago for the architecture and "big shoulders", Las Vegas for the neon sign graveyard and the thrift stores which are chock full of old showgirl costumes and Rat Pack wonders. Heck, make it a road trip from Chicago, to LA.... just like the song!

    (My votes are for the necklace or the change purse. Thanks!)

  13. Why should you visit Prague?
    The architecture is amazing; it is like a trip through the history. I love old city center most. Just walk slowly through little streets, look around and feel the atmosphere of Mozart’s Prague.
    I love walking along a river too, in the centre or in some parts of Prague, where are just few people and lots of trees.
    In summer you can sit on terrace of some lovely cafe or restaurant, drink cold Czech beer, sangria or coffee and chat with friends or reading a book.
    For vintage lovers there are a lot of shops with marvelous old items for nice prices.
    Some people say, that in the best you should stop, so I will. Psst, but trust me, there is much more to love about Prague :)

    My top choice is the necklace, it’s lovely.