Monday, 7 March 2011

Productive day

I spent Sunday mainly watching films and sewing, I'm making some costumes for several people at the moment and, simple as they are, they've been very time consuming of late. I'll also not be able to wear them on a regular basis (I'll pop some pictures of them up soon!) and so I've been feeling a bit bored with them. I managed to get the bulk done on Sunday morning though, and so I thought I'd use the rest of the afternoon to run something simple up for myself.
Eva Dress 650
I already had the pieces for this blouse cut out so I thought I'd have a go at putting it together (loving this bulk cutting out I've been doing - it makes sewing so much quicker!). I'm happy that my sewing skills are advancing so that I was able to finish this in about 2 hours. It would probably have been a lot quicker but I decided to watch a film with subtitles while I was doing it, so couldn't really give it my full attention!
I thought the fabric was a cotton or linen blend, but it obviously has a high synthetic content as, while pressing the facing under, I managed to melt a spot. It's gone a bit yellow and all wrinkly. Very irritating! Still, it's not too visible and at least it was very cheap! I also now know that the pattern is a.easy and b.fits me well, so I will be happy to run more like this up in future, this time paying more attention to fabric content!
Despite how quick it was, I ran out of time towards the end when I had friends coming over and so haven't added a pocket (I may still do this but I quite like it without) and I also didn't turn the sleeves up as instructed. I think that this does mean the sleeves are too long, so I'll probably either go back and turn them up, or possibly just chop a couple of inches off the ends and leave them plain.
I could also have added a button and loop at the collar but I liked it open, so didn't bother. I think I would do this if I make it again though. I'd probably lightly interface the collar on another version and possibly lengthen the body slightly as it wouldn't tuck into anything that isn't high waisted. Other than that, it's pretty perfect as patterns go!
The collar went on easily, the 4 darts were simple and, despite the rather sparse directions (being a copy of a 1930s pattern) it was all pretty common sense and I didn't have any trouble working it all out.
I would recommend this pattern for anyone who's sewn a couple of patterns already and feels they could work out the directions for themselves. For anyone with good experience, you wouldn't need any instructions at all! It's dead simple, dead quick and really sweet.


  1. Love it, I like the length of the sleeves, and the print is fun and pretty!! X

  2. I love the pattern on the blouse :) You watched/read a movie whilst making this? You are a marvel!