Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My dancing shoes are on...

After months of moaning about the lack of events I wanted to go to and actually had a chance of attending, I've found 2 events, one of which is set to be a regular feature right here in Bristol! I'm chuffed and excited about having some sort of social life in the making.

First up, there's the Blitz Party in Shoreditch this coming Saturday. The tickets for these go like hotcakes and this was an extra date added very recently. Despite London being a pain to get to for an evening out, as it's my Birthday next week I decided it was worth it for a treat! I still don't know what I'm going to wear, but I expect I'll cobble something together in time.

Then I saw this new tri-monthly event in Bristol.
I can't say that the numerous Burlesque acts excite me hugely, nor does the 'fancy dress encouraged' line, but it has to be worth a go. I'm just impressed that there's some interest in the 40s round here finally. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not all fancy dress. I don't think I'll make the April one but I should be there in July, with my camera!

I'll be pleased to get a chance to try out the swing dance moves I learnt at my class a month or so ago, I just hope I can remember something...

I've been a bad blogger recently and have forgotten to thank two ladies for awards they've kindly passed on, so let me now say thanks to Saphy for the Versatile Blogger award and Paper Doll for the Liebster award.

Thank you very much ladies!

Don't forget that there are 3 prizes still up for grabs on my giveaway till Friday!


  1. Hello :) I would be interested to know what you make of the blitz party, as I could go without too much ado but I don't know who has been to know if it's any good. Have fun! xx

  2. wow, let me know what its like, I was thinking of doing a 40's 50's dance as a fundraiser later this year. glad you liked your award!

  3. Yes! Do report back on the Blitz Party.. I am tres interested... and have fun!! Get those feet a'dancin!