Monday, 21 March 2011

In the garden

I spent most of the weekend in the garden trimming, sweeping, tidying and pruning.
I'm still aching today but it feels great to have been outside in the sun after all these months. I've even lost my grey hue I've been cultivating from too much strip-lighting.

Flowers and line-dried washing. Could it be any more perfect?

 Planting seeds is so satisfying and exciting. I'll be checking back every day till they sprout.

Deryn and Meg love the sunshine, this is Deryn watching Meg discover the outside for the first time. She alternated between concerned supervision, and jumping on her while she was distracted. Meg discovered bee stings with her paw.
On Saturday night Meg fell fast asleep on the sofa with her paws and whiskers twitching away. Such big adventures for a little cat!


  1. Your photos are lovely and sunny. Its been great having this glorious weather and has set me thinking about what I'm going to plant. Its also lovely to be able to hang the washing out too instead of having to pack it into the tumble drier!

  2. Glorious pics! T'was such a lovely weekend!

  3. Wonderful photos! Makes me a bit envious, so many colours in your garden already. Oh, Im so starting to long for spring!
    What a nice day for the cats to be out, it sure sounds like they enjoyed themselves =)

  4. They look so cute enjoying the grass!

  5. I was out there working away too, discovered muscles I'd forgotten I had!

  6. I wish I had a balcony again, so I could plant a lot of flowers :)
    Yours look great!