Monday, 13 September 2010

Current Projects

I've finally got around to photographing what I'm working on at the moment, and boy do I have a lot of sewing on the go!
Project number 1 is this wrap top, made with a pattern from Decades of Style. It's recommended in a light fabric but #I've used a medium weight suiting so that I can wrap up in it for the winter. The pin tucks on the front have turned into small pleats but other than that it's worked fine. I've made bias binding to go around the whole top, which has been a right pain, but that's my last task to finish this top. I actually pinned it on last night so hopefully I can finish this tonight. Seeing as I started making it a year ago, I'm happy to be at the end!

Project number 2 is this suit. I bought it a little while ago because it's beautifully made and I love the fabric. Sadly, the lining was completely ripped and the zip on the skirt was faulty. I'm setting out to fix both of those issues and while I'm at it, I'm shifting the skirt about 1" up into the waistband to complete the work of the last owner. She'd moved the button on the skirt out by about 1/2" but hadn't done anything else, meaning that the zip wouldn't do all the way up and there was a gap between the top of the zip and the waistband. I'm moving the waist up enough to close the gap and replacing the zip while I'm at it. Hoping to get this done soon so I can wear it in the cooler weather.


Project 3 is actually done. Last night I replaced the ripped square in this quilt. It was made by a friend of my parents in the last 70s and has been mine since I was a child. It feels good to be using it in my own house! I used a scrap of fabric from project 4 to patch it. The close up is of one of my favourite squares - a fairy riding a bike!

Project 4 is a diversion from what I bought this pattern for. I'm planning to make the blouse and trousers for the Hepburn Hepburn sew along, but I decided I need a wool skirt urgently so I'm using some old wool fabric I had laying around to make the skirt first. I've cut the pieces out but that's all so far.
Project 5 is in a similar stage of completeness (i.e. cut out). It's gone on the back burner for now, being a summer dress, but I'm still going to press ahead with it for next spring. I'm going to have a go at making my first belt for this too.

I'm also going to make a house dress using the same pattern as my blue and white spot (photos of the finished article later) with this aeroplane fabric. I'm calling it my RAF dress and it's project 6.

Project 7 is a dirndl skirt made from a light wool black fabric. Quick but bottom of the list for now!

Also on my to-do list is sewing tape onto the curtains my Nan gave me for the bedroom and living room and a winter dress. I'll see if I can get around to posting my future projects later! I realise, of course, that while I'm blogging I could be finishing these projects, but I never was one for resisting distractions!

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