Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wednesday is Vintage day

I often make an effort to wear something lovely and vintage on Wednesdays as my fabulous friend Jamie comes in. As Jamie has a vintage shop and impecable taste, I'm able to use her as a style barometer.
So, today I wore my new blouse and some highwaisted trousers in a vague attempt at a 30s look. Even though it made me 10 minutes late to work, I stopped to take a picture this morning! You can see I'm squinting because I'm still half asleep.

Blouse - Homemade (woot!)
Trousers, Gloves, Scarf - Marks and Spencer
Shoes - Clarks

I've also decided today that I'm going to venture out of Bristol for once (I know, I'm getting my vaccines) for Halloween. I'm going to attend 'Don't Dali with the Devil' at The Fox in Shoreditch, London.  

The dresscode is as follows;

Anything goes, as long as it's peculiar and old-fashioned! Victorian Steampunks, WWI soldiers and aviators, Cabaret Voltaire performers, Dadaists, surreal artists & their muses, elegant & otherworldly creatures. Vintage outfits from the 1920s to the 1960s are all welcome.

So, I need a costume! My first idea was Amy Johnson, the famous aviatrix. However, sheepskin lined jackets aren't really nightclub wear, so I'm thinking again.
Any ideas?
Drop waists are out, but otherwise most things go!


  1. I can't tell you how much I adore that butterfly blouse! It is simply sensational and looks terrific on you.

    As to your event, I think you should go with Ava Gardner. You can totally work that!


  2. I need to make that blouse for myself! If you could point me in the direction of finding the pattern, that would be fantastic! :)

  3. Glad you like it!
    It was so comfy all day today. Best item I've made in some time!

  4. Oh, what an absolutely fabulous outfit, I love it and you look great!

  5. hiya, just wanted to say that I love your blog and as a fellow Bristolian its nice to know theres vintage lovers in my home city, I knew of none!

  6. Love your outfit! It's simply gorgeous. The Halloween event at the Fox looks like so much fun. What a great theme! I don't know what to suggest costume-wise, but lately I've been inspired by the 1920s fancy-dress images over at What I Found

  7. Hi Stevie, you're right, there are a few of us, but we're a rare breed in the South West! Do you go to any of the vintage fairs? I often go to the one at the Lanes.

    Gabriella, I love those pictures! Digging the pirate flapper vibe :)