Thursday, 30 September 2010

While I've never done any tailoring or lining of jackets before, when I found this vintage suit with ripped p lining, I couldn't resist buying it and attempting to fix it up.
I have no idea what I'm doing, so if anyone has any input or advice, please jump in!
 First I've unpicked the old lining. You can see how ripped it is and getting the shape right is something of a challenge. I wrote what each piece was onto the pieces. I also kept one half intact to ensure I have some reference as to how it was constructed. 

Once I'd unpicked the different parts, I pressed it flat and pinned it down to the new lining fabric, doing my best to match the grain.
I then cut the pieces out, leaving a 5/8 allowance, measured from the line of stitches, which is more than there was originally.
Next job will be to make a few tailor tacks to mark where the stitching stops at the pointed parts (I reckon I can manage to work out where the corners are on the square areas).
My plan is to construct the lining as a whole, and then stitch it edge to edge with the seams around the edges of the jacket. There are tabs under the arms, where the tops of the sleeves are attached to the jacket, and at the end I'll hand turn the bottoms of the sleeves and the bottom of the body.
Wish me luck, and I'm happy for advice!

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  1. Ooh I look forward to seeing how this turns out! I've never lined anything before but I'm planning to line a suit made from scratch which doesn't have a lining in the pattern... wish me luck!