Saturday, 18 September 2010

Wedding bells and bombed out buildings

I had a wonderful time at my friends' wedding last night. One of the benefits of having both halves of the couple for 10 or so years was that their friends were my friends too. It's been a while since we were all together, so the occasion was extra special.
I wore my 1950s repro dress, made by my good friend Jamie of Gimme Shelter! boutique and vintage dressmaker. The hat is an eBay purchase from America. I threw on a topshop 40s inspired cardie for the chilly night air, although I warmed up pretty quickly once I was dancing. The full skirt and pettycoat were fabulous when I did some reasonable dancing and twirling with my multi talented dancing friend, Sanjay. They were less cool when I was headbanging to The Prodigy, when the late 90s rock came on and we relived our 'alternative' youths. Watching the Groom mosh in a kilt was worth the torturous journey there all on its own.
Indian/Scottish metal dance-off

The next morning a group of us went to visit Coventry Cathedral. During the war most of Coventry was destroyed in one night by bombing. The Cathedral was gutted, only the outside walls survived and it's been left as a monument, with the new Cathedral build on the side. It's quite beautiful to look at now, though very sad. There are lots statues and bible quotes about war, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation in and around the ruins. Well worth a visit if you're in the area.

And just to illustrate that Coventry doesn't all look this nice (a legacy of hurried and cut-price building post war), here's a picture of the Toy'd bring your child here right?

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