Thursday, 23 September 2010

Today's outfit

I was going to post long and hard about Halloween today, since I've been thinking about it for 24hrs solidly. Sadly, I'm knackered, so you'll have to make do with a picture of me when I arrived home tonight.
I have discovered that;
1. My hair and makeup are best best before I leave the house in the morning.
2. The light is most flattering before I leave the house in the morning
3. It's easier to pose without my husband looking at me as though I'm mad
4. My cats only love me when they're hungry

As a result, I'm going to try to take my photos in the morning in the future, and keep my cats hungry. Their love will be mine, oh yes! Ahahahahahahahahahaha
Top - Zara
Cardigan & trousers - Marks and Spencer
Shoes - Poetic license

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