Friday, 24 September 2010

Hats and more hats

I've been on a bit of a hat buying spree of late. I now have a decent selection of winter hats, and I think I may even wear them this year. I always feel that winter hats are more 'acceptable' than summer hats, so for a self conscious hat fan like me, it's the perfect time to wear them.
I've already worn my knitted berets out on a couple of occasions and I'll be trying to wear them and some others in the coming weeks. I may even take some pictures for once! For now, here is my collection of hats modeled for your viewing pleasure...

Red beret - a recent purchase from Accessorize. Felty and lovely. I think red is going to be appearing in my wardrobe a lot this winter.

Green beret - a purchase from The Washerwoman and one of my more frequently worn hats.
Yellow beret - An older hat I bought on the highstreet, can't remember where though.

Cloche - Accessorize last year. Great for the winter because it keeps the wind off! Worked very well with my Louise Brooks bob I had last year but not sure it's going to look as good this year.

Astrakhan hat - A recent purchase from eBay. It's black Astrakhan with a fur trim. I reckon this is probably 50s, but I'm not really a hat expert. I think this goes nicely with the fur collar I bought some time back at a flea market and haven't had a chance to wear yet.

White fur - I bought this at Uni and have barely worn it since. It makes a bit of a statement and I'm not sure I know when is an appropriate time to wear it.

Brown net - An 80s does 40s hat, I think. The netting is too heavy to be vey old, and the felt is in too good condition as well. I am thinking about replacing the netting with something finer but am undecided. Millinery is not one of my strong suits. I picked this up at Vintage at Goodwood recently.

Black 50s - Another Goodwood buy. I'm pretty sure this is 50s, due to the shape and the obvious age of the felt. It's cute and understated and it really went well with the Butterick dress I made. It says 'new look' to me and as the dress is 1947, they belong together.

Floppy black - Another University purchase that I barely wear. I wanted to look like Liv Tyler. I don't.

Camel felt. A present from my mum who apparently wore this hat a lot in the late 70s. I've not worn this yet but I think I will.
Pill box. Another present, this one from my work colleagues. Not worn this one either yet, since I think it goes with a later style of dress than I normally wear.

Any brave regular hat wearers out there?  How do you work them into your every day outfits?


  1. You look lovely in hats! I love the red beret. I just bought a black floppy hat, but it's still too warm to wear it.

  2. Love Hats! But i'm always to chicken to wear them! I love the red beret! I had one like that, that i left in New York, I always think that sounds poetic hah. Rock the hats girl! x

  3. what a lovely collection!! i have 3 or 4 hats and i'm too chicken to wear them. i have a lovely floppy black one that i thought looked so ali mcgraw and mr q&s said it was more like blossom! so i envy you who wear hats frequently. please keep it up as i might gain courage!

  4. Hey Lauren! Thanks for following my blog :) I have to say I love yours. Especially your new red hat from Accesorize! I have been living in the second hand world for too long! Look at what I am missing! I am in love! Regretfully it doesn't look too victory roll friendly... but you never know!